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December Monthly Horoscope - Taurus

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on December 01 2019

Dear Taurus, starting from the 2nd, get ready for more luck and abundance when it comes to traveling and higher studies! This is the start of a year when you’re supported to take more responsibility for your own freedom, as much of a paradox as that sounds. If things have been difficult until now, expect more joy, adventure and knowledge in your life, more clarity about your beliefs and your academic or spiritual path, but keep in mind not to impose your own beliefs on others.

Stay mindful of your energy field around the 8th, filtering what you receive from around you, especially from friends or large groups of people. On the 12th, the Gemini Full Moon shows the fruits of your financial efforts and of how you’ve been handling your resources for these last months, prompting you to balance your resources with other people’s and to process your emotions. What results can you see? What attachments, possibly to an idea of how your material life should be, do you need to let go of? How can you organize yourself better on a financial level and see your self-worth and your power of attraction? Taking things step by step and enjoying the process can help you stay focused during these possibly confusing days. Especially around the 13th, you can use the current cosmic context to soften the edges in your relationships, bringing a dreamier, more receptive kind of energy.

Around the 15th, you could notice some changes, some gates opening for you when it comes to traveling, higher studies, will and self-expression. It could be something big! Starting from the 20th, you can most easily find satisfaction in pursuing your goals, possibly being better received by those around you, while starting with the 21st your willpower and energy are best invested in spiritual practice, higher studies, traveling and spending time outdoors.

The Solar Eclipse on the 26th brings a new phase for you in these very areas of travel, higher education, beliefs and spirituality. By letting go of those beliefs that no longer serve you, those you’ve possibly become attached to, you are now stepping through a doorway that leads you towards a more liberating life philosophy and towards new adventures (perhaps traveling to foreign countries or starting a new course). Breathe, let go, trust yourself and trust that the Universe has your abundance and your progress as a priority.

Magical Dates:

Love: 2, 3, 30

Career: 15, 20-31 (Venus in your house of career)

Money: 12 (Full Moon in your house of money), 30

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 12/12

New Moon (Solar Eclipse): 12/26

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