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December Monthly Horoscope - Capricorn

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on November 29 2020

Dear Capricorn, the 5th is a great day for bringing compassion and softness to the way you communicate with others. You’re able to see the best in everyone at this time, and to connect more easily to people in a group.

The 9th can bring a feeling of ungroundedness and can make you feel more receptive to other people’s emotions. Choose to set boundaries when needed, and take time for rest, meditation, or art instead of pushing forward with practical matters. Around the 11th, you could feel more confident in your emotions and your needs, and more decisive when it comes to protecting what matters to you. At the same time, someone that you have a karmic connection with could come back into your life, or you could find yourself in situations where you’re asked to integrate- but not repeat- the past when it comes to addictions, emotions, self-sacrifice, or karmic issues.

Around the 14th, you might find that your inner world is more restless than usual as you’re embarking on a new beginning when it comes to spirituality, compassion, self-undoing, and creativity with the Sagittarius mid-month Eclipse. What toxic habits, beliefs, or pent-up emotions are you being called to let go of? It’s a time to foster acceptance, self-compassion for your suffering, and a feeling of connection with the Universe. Events happening now could trigger a cleansing of karmic patterns. Another big thing is coming up for you this week: Jupiter and Saturn are entering your 2nd house of finances, resources, skills, and self-worth. For the following two years, these areas of your life will take center stage, asking for faith in your divine right to abundance, but also for responsibility and self-discipline when it comes to finances and business. 

On the 21st, the one-of-a-kind Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a time to set your intentions about what you want to build in the financial/business area of your life. What is your vision, and what long-term goals are supporting it? Keep in mind that the effects of this cosmic moment will be felt for the next 20 (!) years. Starting from this same day, your season is on, so enjoy your yearly time of celebration and focus on the greatness you were born to embody! Finally, the 23rd can bring power clashes with family, challenging you to assert yourself in a balanced way.

The Cancer Full Moon on the 29th can bring insights and peak moments in the area of relationships and partnerships, highlighting the way you’ve been nurturing your connections and honoring your sensitive side in the past months. You’re challenged to integrate self-direction with cooperation, independence with interdependence, reason with emotion as you open up to the natural flow of give-and-take in your relationships, and let go of what no longer serves you in this area. Finally, the 31st is another day when a past situation, perhaps linked to karmic connections, compassion, or sacrifice, could come up in your life for integration.

Magical Dates:

Love: 3, 14, 25, 29 (Full Moon in your house of relationships)

Career: 14

Money: 15, 19, 21

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon (Total Solar Eclipse): 14/12

Full Moon: 29/12

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