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Monthly Horoscope - December Monthly Horoscope 2020

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on November 29 2020


December Monthly Horoscope 2020

Dear readers, the first week of December is a relatively uneventful one, giving us time to prepare for the big changes that await us towards the very end of the year. Starting from the 1st, curious Mercury directs our minds towards wide, cross-cultural perspectives and higher knowledge as it transits larger-than-life Sagittarius until the 20th. It’s a great time to pose big questions and to look for eye-opening answers. Around the 5th, love goddess Venus forming a trine with ethereal Neptune can make it easy to express deep affection and to enjoy magical moments with loved ones. It’s also a great time for making art that gives form to our most intense feelings.

Let’s stay mindful of illusions that we or others might be weaving around the 9th, as the Sun squares Neptune, a planet as magical as it can be deceptive. We might be tempted to rely on blind optimism, expect too much or readily accept beliefs that might actually harm us; as always, a bit of caution is needed. This holds true especially around the 11th, when the Sun conjuncts the South Node of karma in Sagittarius. It’s a moment when we could reconsider past situations linked to travel, spirituality, guides and teachers, higher education, or publishing, choosing what is still aligned with our path and what needs to stay in the past. Some of us could tend to be too forceful or inflexible when it comes to their beliefs, or find it difficult to stick to a project as the Sun trines impulsive Mars on this same day. Let’s choose our battles wisely and use this week’s fiery energy to act consistently towards what we want. 

On the 14th, a total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius brings new beginnings and twists of fate in the areas of higher education, travel, religion and spirituality, teaching, guiding, and publishing. With the South Node of karma, this is an Eclipse that opens up new doors by placing us in situations where we need to close old chapters of our lives. A strong trine with Mars in Aries gives us the courage to take a bold step forward towards change, while other players in the sky alert us that there are still loose ends to tie up and details to consider before rushing ahead. On the 15th, wounded healer Chiron goes direct in Aries after five months of retrogradation when wounds linked to individuality, personal will, freedom, and self-expression might have resurfaced. Pay attention to events happening in mid-December and reflect on how they’re weaving into your healing process. 

On the 17th, hard-working Saturn enters innovative Aquarius, where he will stay until March 2023! This transit brings a huge shift in the collective energy, a transition from the stern, responsibility-oriented vibe of these past years to a lighter, more detached atmosphere. We’ll be working smarter and making progress by coming together and looking towards the future rather than following narrow personal interests and only sticking to the rules. Jupiter, the god of expansion and abundance, also enters Aquarius on the 19th, where he will stay until December 2021. We can expect technological innovations and new approaches in fields such as medicine, education, or law, in a year when luck will find us the easiest if we keep an open mind, connect to like-minded people, and find the courage to go against the grain as we follow our ideals.

On the 21st, the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in the first degree of radical Aquarius is an aspect that writes history. These two social planets meet once every 20 years, and their conjunction shifts element once every 200 years. It’s all happening now! We’re experiencing a crossroad between the old and the new as we’re taking steps towards innovation and witnessing an increased focus on information, objectivity, and speed. On a personal level, this conjunction brings a major opportunity to make a conscious commitment (Saturn) towards an ideal (Jupiter). Think of what you want to build in your life for the long run, and set your intentions on this powerful day. The 21st of December also marks the beginning of Capricorn season, a month to focus on our responsibilities and to discipline ourselves towards our long-term goals. This sober, practical Sun in Capricorn can help ground us during shifting times. Around the 23rd, stay mindful not to overwork yourself and stay centered in your power, especially if you notice a tendency towards shady business or power plays in your environment.

The 27th can find us more open to change than usual, especially in the areas of work and finances. We can establish new rules or routines, or find the courage to express ourselves openly and go our own way, even if it’s the road less taken. On the 29th, a Full Moon in sensitive Cancer brings insights and results in the areas of family, home, and emotions. Hidden emotions or memories could come to the surface, asking us to have self-compassion and nurturing as we make space for everything that arises within. Easy aspects with Uranus could bring unexpected changes or insights related to family, home, childhood, or personal needs as this Full Moon supports us to integrate self-care and self-discipline, work and rest, our inner adult and our inner child. Finally, the 31st can bring karmic relationships back into our lives, or have us revisit aspects of past relationships that need closure. Stay mindful if you find yourself slipping into old patterns of self-righteousness, intellectualization, or avoidance in relationships, and find alternative ways of reacting.

What’s shifting in your life this December, and where are you ready to step up to the next level? Read below for your Sun Sign/Ascendant to find out!



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