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Monthly Horoscope - December Monthly Horoscope 2019

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on December 01 2019


December Monthly Horoscope 2019

Dear readers, December brings some serious Capricorn energy alongside important changes in the cosmic scenery, so get ready! On the 2nd, Mars’ trine with the North Node encourages us to dig deep and align our desires with our life purpose just as buoyant Jupiter leaves his home sign Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, where he will stay for the following year. If this past year has been about expansion, travel, foreign cultures, adventure and knowledge, until December 2020 our enthusiasm is toned down as we’re being supported to plant our feet in the ground and work diligently, assuming responsibility for our lives and disciplining ourselves as best as we can. Even though adventurous Jupiter doesn’t feel great in the introverted, serious sign of Capricorn, this doesn’t have to be a depressing year; Jupiter brings abundance if we stay true to our path, working hard and delaying gratification even when we’re being tempted the most. At the start of this December, we have 9 out of 10 planets in the feminine earth and water signs, so keep in mind some keywords for this period: grounding, depth, emotion, flow, receptivity.

The week between the 8th and the 13th focuses on knowledge and dreams, but also on relationships and commitment. As Neptune squares the Sun and sextiles Venus on the 8th, the lines between real and unreal blur, opening the gates towards other realms… or towards deception. On the 9th, Mercury enters Sagittarius. The following 19 days are a great time for learning and sharing foreign languages or sacred knowledge, speaking our truth while also remembering moderation. When it comes to relationships, Venus’ conjunction with Saturn on the 11th and with Pluto on the 13th brings a serious vibe. This is not the time for great gestures of love- even though they sound tempting-, but for showing affection in practical ways and for seeing how our relationships stand the test of time, overcome obstacles and transform… or fall apart if they’re no longer useful to our higher good. We also have Chiron in Aries stationing towards direct these days, so old wounds linked to individuality and relationships could resurface, this time ready to be encompassed by a new awareness.

The Gemini Full Moon on the 12th emphasizes the knowledge we’ve acquired and the way we’ve been thinking and communicating since June. What results can you see in your life in the areas of learning, thought and connection to others? What parts of your personal quest for knowledge are bearing fruit and which thought patterns no longer serve you? Now we’re challenged to balance facts with beliefs, details with the bigger picture and, as the Full Moon squares trickster Neptune, to keep an eye out for any false information or attempt at deception from without or from within. We might be prone to overthinking or to feeling restless and distracted these days. It’s perfectly normal; it helps to focus on real-life activities, to take care of daily responsibilities step by step and also to sneak in a dose of healthy escapism (a good movie or book, a night out) in our routine. On the 13th, Mars’ trine to Neptune can soften our desires and make it easier to act with compassion and vision (while still staying mindful of possible deception or confusion) in the light of the recent Full Moon.

On the 15th, Jupiter forms a supportive Earth trine with Uranus, an aspect that could intensify the global tendency to rebel against existing structures nowadays or to reconsider our attitude towards the environment, our work and our resources. It’s best if we go with the flow and channel any extra energy into physical activity or into finding new ways of doing usual things. On the 20th, Venus enters Aquarius. Until the 13th of January, the love goddess within us will search for intellectual and spiritual connections where freedom and shared progress will be the main goals. We’ll be needing more independence and we might find new, surprising ways of expressing our love and creativity. This detached, freedom-loving vibe complements the cosmic landscape as the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, marking the start of a month when we’re prompted to turn inwards, to focus on our responsibilities, but also to appreciate the results of our work so far.

On the 24th, a Sun-Uranus trine supports change in all forms, especially when it comes to our work or to the way we organize our resources. We can find a balance between convention and innovation, especially as the 26th brings one more Capricorn Solar Eclipse from the Cancer-Capricorn series; not any kind of eclipse, but a total one, in conjunction with freedom-loving Jupiter and in a trine with groundbreaking Uranus. Solar (New Moon) Eclipses open doorways in our lives through events that can seem unlikely or fated and this can be true especially for this month’s eclipse. It’s a new dawn when it comes to the way we carry ourselves, our emotional and professional maturity, our responsibility towards ourselves and society- all with an innovative twist that heralds change and encourages us to choose it consciously, given the opportunity. And Jupiter is all about opportunity! The Eclipse happens on the South Node (past, karma), so let’s leave behind those things that drag us down – perhaps old belief patterns, fears linked to what others will say, harmful attachments, the desire to control all the circumstances of our lives- so that new paths can open ahead of us. It’s a time when embodying our beliefs and embracing change can help us transition towards this new phase. Doors will open for us easily if we’ve been living out the higher version of Capricorn energy: responsibility, discipline, commitment. If you have planets around the 4th degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you’ll be feeling this Eclipse stronger than the rest of us! Post-Eclipse, when the Sun will perfect a conjunction with the South Node on the 30th, we might be feeling that old pull of what’s familiar and still holding us back, but the wheels have already been set in motion towards a new phase.

How will this December unfold for you? Read below for your Sun Sign or Ascendant to find out!



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