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Come Drink Cacao With Us?

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on May 22 2020

Hey there Magic Makers!!

As you all know, this month we are making magic and freeing our minds during tea ceremony!! In order to support you with this, we are hosting Cacao Ceremonies on Zoom throughout Gemini Season so you can come sit with us! We will be calling in all the elements, offering our gratitude, and coming together to celebrate life. AND, we are so excited to announce this beautiful ceremony on a New Moon! We really hope you can join us!

What Do You Need:

All you need to bring is a cup of piping hot Cacao (from A Little Zen Box), a pen, paper, and an open mind. Shereen will be guiding us through the ceremony every Friday at 6 pm EST.

Upcoming Dates:

5/29 6/5 6/12 6/22

How to Join:

Drop you name and click the zoom link below when it’s time to start!!

1. Drop your name here:

2. Click the link below to join.

You can join the meeting by clicking below and entering the password, GEMINI.

Meeting ID: 769 5178 1561

Password: GEMINI

Don’t forget. Click below to add to your calendar:

See ya soon!!


Shereen & the My Little Magic Shop team



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