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Awakening Self-Love Ritual

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 20 2020

Be you, love you. All ways, always.

Alexandra Elle

It’s February, the month devoted to love. But we don’t think love should be limited to romance (or lack of).  We think that you should also make it a priority to devote yourselves to self love!

Loving yourself is one of those things that’s easier said than done.  It’s no easy feat to love all of your flaws as wholeheartedly as you love your strengths.  Nor is it to know yourself, accepting each tiny little piece of you and still love it, especially when those bits are your shadow.  The light is always simpler and easier to love. But learning to do this, practicing to love yourself fully, is perhaps the most important challenge you will face in your entire life and will ultimately determine how fulfilling your life will be.  For one could argue that you cannot love another if you don’t love yourself. Even more, how can you give unconditional love, without knowing how to receive it? 

There's something so magnificent about you.  I have been studying me for forty-four years.  I wanna kiss myself sometimes! Because you're going to get to love yourself.  I'm not talking about conceit. I'm talking about a healthy respect for yourself.  And as you love yourself, you'll automatically love others.

Bob Proctor, The Secret

Loving yourself is a process of acceptance above all. Who cares if you are clumsy if with that clumsiness you made someone smile? Who cares if your legs aren’t as long as you would like? Or if your nose is crooked?  You are much more than any one bit of you, plus the sum of your whole is what makes you special. You are YOURSELF – remarkable, imperfectly perfect, kind and loving soul that the same energy that created the Universe, also thought that there should be one of you in the world! You WILL give yourself credit, you WILL love yourself and most importantly YOU WILL create your own damn magic! And here is a special self-love ritual to help you do just that:

1. Love Incense – You know we have to set the mood right? Aromatherapy has been known since the dawn of time to be the used as a cure or energy and mood enhancer. What better way to get in the mood for some self loving than by burning some love incense.  This special blend is known to evoke feelings of love and affection. Light this baby up and get ready to let the love in.

2. Love Drawing Candle - Before you light this candle up, we want you to do a short meditation.  Take a few deep breaths and then start to think about the last time you felt an overwhelming feeling of love.  Maybe someone did something really kind for you or you shared something close to your heart with another.

Or maybe you had just fallen in love.  Try to go back to their feeling, recall as many details as you can to try to bring that same feeling into your chest. It should feel like a really warm sensation emanating from your body.  Take as much time as you need and when you feel it coming back to you, light your candle.

3. Rose Quartz Pendulum - Developing a deeper connection with your higher self is an incredible way to love yourself more deeply.  And using a Pendulum is one of our most favorite ways! The thought is that your body knows all the answers of the universe and is incapable of lying to you.  So since you’re fully in the mood, what more perfect time is it to ask yourself all about love. Holding the pendulum out in front of you, ask yourself a series of Yes and No questions regarding how to love yourself better.  For more specific instructions and some sample questions check out our blog. Search How to Use A Pendulum.

4. Pendulum Mat - If you want to take your pendulum game to the next level, feel free to use this mat along with the above exercise.  This way you won’t be limited to just yes or no questions. Gently hold your pendulum over your mat asking questions, allowing your body to show you the way.

5. A Little Love Wishlet – Finally, it’s time to commit yourself by surrounding yourself with love and constant reminders to be kinder to yourself. Tie your Wishlet to your wrist or ankle. When the wishlet falls off, it is believed to be a sign that your wish has come true.  When you look down and see this, know that you are only getting closer to loving yourself to the maximum.

5. Rose Quartz Pyramid – Pyramids, from ancient Egypt, are known to be generators, transmitters, and transformers of energy. Write yourself a love letter. It doesn’t have to be much, but it should be honest, from the heart.

Then, focus your love towards the words you have written and gently place it below the Pyramid. Feel free to include a wish about the universe giving you little reminders when you aren’t loving yourself enough so you will make it a priority.

6. Rose Quartz Bracelet – Throughout history, people have been always interested and attracted to gemstones. They help us enhance and transmit certain types of energy, depending on the gemstone.

This Quartz Bracelet is not only beautiful to wear, but it also helps you to get in touch with yourself and love yourself. The stone itself is known as the “love stone” that helps with self-acceptance, soothes heartaches and bring compassion and peace.  Any time you need a boost of self love, put this bracelet on and meditate on your heart chakra.

We hope you enjoyed and will treasure the activities, adding them to your weekly self care routines.  We wish you sooo much love, light & magic. Let us know how it went!



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