Step 4 - Awakening Gratefulness Ritual

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 30 2020

If you feel like you need some extra help in awakening gratefulness in your life, then here is an amazing ritual which we love doing regularly, and especially when we were all new to the gratefulness mindset:

Setting Up The Atmosphere

Whenever we do a ritual, we like to do a little atmosphere setting and cleansing. After all, what good is a ritual if you don’t start it on a clean slate – right? Okay, so let’s start cleansing. But first, we suggest to adapt the lighting to be milder, not complete darkness however a softer light like the one of a lamp might be more adequate for this particular ritual. Also, make sure you clean up the space where you will be performing your ritual, so that the energy may flow freely during your ritual. Plus, you don’t want to be thinking about the messy things you left behind in the middle of your ritual when you are supposed to be focusing – right?

Okay, now that all of that is done it’s time to begin our awakening gratefulness ritual! Now that your space is clean, let’s cleanse it energetically too! We love using Palo Santo Cones for this purpose, because of its natural ability to cleanse negative vibes that might be lurking around. Plus it leaves a soft, pleasant smell that sets up a pleasant atmosphere for the entire ritual. Light your cone, take a few deep breaths and then move the cone clockwise in your space in which you will be performing your ritual. Then bring the cone above your healing tools and do three clockwise movements so that the tools can be enveloped in the smoke. Awesome! Then all you have to do is leave the cone to burn out as you continue with your ritual.

Opening Yourself Towards Gratefulness

Okay, so gratefulness doesn’t come naturally to all of us right away. Sometimes we are so set in our old ways that gratefulness might even seem like an unknown emotion. That’s because we have continuously, through repeating our old ways and patterns, we have slowly blocked the gates in ourselves through which gratefulness flows.

So, let’s focus on removing blockages and opening the path for gratefulness first. This step of the ritual consists of two parts – opening your heart chakra and harnessing love and gratefulness, and then we’ll plant the seeds for a gratefulness mindset through a mantra/affirmation meditation. Take your Green Aventurine Pyramid and hold it on your palm.

Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Try to sense the energy that your pyramid is emitting. That’s right, breathe, and feel the energy of the pyramid flowing on your palm, and then upwards through your body. Once you feel comfortable with your pyramid, open your eyes, lay down and place the pyramid between on your chest, close to your heart. Take a few deep breaths.

Focus on the energy flow inside your chest. Let the pyramid pull out any gunk that might be blocking your energy paths. Breathe. When you feel ready, take the pyramid in your hand, and sit up. Then ask the pyramid to help you harness loving, kind energy that awakens gratefulness from the Universe. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and visualize the pyramid pulling energy from the Universe and distributing it all around you.

Visualize the energy like light filling you and filling up your home. Breathe. If you are ready, thank the Universe for providing you with the energy needed to awaken gratefulness. Then, once the ritual is over the place the pyramid in the room you spend the most time in because the pyramid will continue drawing energy from the Universe and distributing it in your home. So, it’s a good idea to place it somewhere you spend a lot of time, or sometimes even just holding it in your arms.

The Power Of Affirmations

Now, take your Rose Quartz and Lolite Gemstone Lotus Mala and hold it into your hand. Take a few deep breaths. Then hold the mala in a way to push the beads backward easily every time you chant your affirmation or mantra. Then touch every bead and chant one of the following affirmations:

  • I welcome all the blessings and magic the Universe sends me.

  • I am awakening eternal gratefulness for each day the Universe gifts me.

  • I am grateful for all the gifts the Universe has given me, each and a single day of my life.

Remember – choose only one, and use only that affirmation when you are working with this mala. Take a deep breath every time before you repeat your affirmation. Once you finish touching all 108 beads and repeating your affirmations, then take a few moments to pay attention to how you feel at the moment. Focus on feeling more grateful for each repetition. As if something was unblocked, and something beautiful is blossoming in you. Let’s enhance that emotion and finally awaken gratefulness!


Let’s do one more short meditation with visualization - Take a deep breath. That’s right, breathe in and out until you feel relaxed.

  • Become aware of every part of your body Breathe in and out.

  • Hold your green aventurine pyramid in your right hand, and the mala in the left.

  • Then visualize yourself sitting in pitch-black space. There is nothing around, you are all alone, at peace, away from all thoughts and material possessions.

  • Then visualize your loving family sitting right behind you, and the room getting a little lighter. Start by visualizing one person, sitting calmly close to you, and then another, and another.

  • Then visualize your closest friends and loved ones one by one sitting behind you, close, and the whole room getting completely light. Let yourself experience the gratitude for having all of these amazing people in your life, supporting you, loving you, caring for you.

  • Take deep breaths as you experience the gratefulness. Smile, and take deep breaths. When ready, open your eyes and enjoy your newly awakened gratefulness.



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