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August Monthly Horoscope - Leo

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 02 2020

Dear Leo, the Aquarius Full Moon on the 3rd illuminates your 7th house of relationships and partnerships, so themes linked to connection and compromise, change in relationships, future plans with your partner could come up, marked by an increasingly powerful desire to show up as the authentic you in your relationships and on the world’s stage. You’re one of the signs that will feel this Full Moon the most; allow yourself to feel your emotions and find ways to bring productive change into your life, staying mindful if you tend to be more impulsive than usual. Starting from the 7th, you’ll find love and pleasure through art, fantasy, meditation and soul connections, so it’s alright if you’ll feel less social than usual; this is a time of rest and regeneration before a new relational cycle begins for you.

In the second week of August, there could be key changes in your career, long-term goals, reputation or relationship with authority. You could be feeling like you’re fighting for your independence and freedom of self-expression. Around the 9th, old wounds linked to communication (perhaps related to how you were encouraged or discouraged to express your beliefs as a child) could find a path towards healing, while the 13th can bring up themes linked to control at work. This week, notice what comes up and see where you tend to rebel, to judge or to control too much… and where you need to trust yourself more, no matter what others might say.

Around the 17th, you’ll have the vitality and the confidence to take action towards your personal growth. On the 18th, the New Moon in your sign is a new start in your life, so reflect on what you want to manifest! How can you share your gifts and your thoughts with others with courage, from the heart? Themes linked to being seen, appreciated, loved and offering these things in return could come up now as you’re guided towards a new beginning in the way you live your truth and manifest your creative fire in the world. Starting from the 22nd, Virgo season brings a focus on practical matters for you, making it a great month for managing your finances, practicing your skills and connecting to what brings value in your life.

The last week of August is great for practical matters, so focus on new ideas at work or on new routines that you want to implement, making them fun as well as functional. It’s also a good time for organizing your surroundings or learning practical skills. Even if life could feel a little restrictive around the 24th, you’ll be able to think outside the box and find unexpected solutions. It’s also a good week for speaking your mind authentically, without fearing what others might think. The 27th is great for meditation and escaping the real world for a little, while the last days of the month could bring up past relationship wounds (perhaps even from past lives) that need care and responsibility to heal.

Magical Dates:

Love: 29

Career: 5, 18, 27

Money: 17, 25, 29

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 8/3 

New Moon: 8/18

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