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Monthly Horoscope - August Monthly Horoscope 2020

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 02 2020


August Monthly Horoscope 2020

Dear readers, We’re starting August with an explosive Full Moon in revolutionary Aquarius on the 3rd, a moment when we can see the results of what we’ve been up to in the area of friendships, groups and innovative interests since January. A social project, an initiative to change the status quo, a meaningful friendship or a project linked to technology or spirituality can now bear fruit. Since the Full Moon is an emotionally loaded moment and this Moon squares erratic Uranus as well, we can expect a great deal of nervous energy and low tolerance to anything that might limit our freedom. Taking initiative and making a change are key points to remember during this cosmic moment, while staying mindful of what triggers us into reaction and why. 

On the 4th, Mercury finally leaves wistful Cancer- where he’s had a prolonged stay during his retrogradation- for sunny Leo, a sign that encourages us to express ourselves creatively and to find full confidence in our voice. On the 5th, love goddess Venus conjunct the North Node in the last degrees of Gemini can bring critical conversations in important relationships or even meaningful new contacts that will help us advance on our path. Starting from the 7th, Venus leaves chatty Gemini- where she also had a longer stay than usual because of her retrograde period- and enters sensitive Cancer, coloring our relationships in soft tones and emphasizing affection, vulnerability and care during the next month. With Mercury and Venus leaving the signs where they’ve retrograded and entering fresh territory, the first week of August will give us a new lease of life and open new perspectives.

The second week of the month will bring some friction as boisterous Mercury in Leo squares Uranus on the 10th and fiery Mars in Aries squares Pluto on the 13th. Heated arguments, especially around independence and freedom of thought, could be colored by undercurrents of power struggles or past traumas around personal identity and self-assertion. On top of this, Uranus, the planet of change and revolution, will be stationing towards retrograde between approximately the 9th and the 22nd of August, so events happening now will be marked by an increased need for independence and self-expression. We could also witness key events related to technology, astrology, finance or social change. Let’s speak our mind and act with courage, daring to shake things up during these weeks while also remembering to act from a place of acceptance and love.

On the 17th, it’s time to put our money where our mouth is, acting towards what we believe in and maybe even solving misunderstandings from the past week as Leo Mercury trines Mars in Aries. On the 18th, a Leo New Moon in conjunction with chatty Mercury and in a close trine with energetic Mars brings a new start when it comes to personal sovereignty, creative expression and action, confidence and courage to follow our goals. Now we can reflect on our unique contribution to the world and on the way we allow ourselves to be seen and heard by others. Mars’ squares with the heavy Capricorn planets can put a damper on our enthusiasm, but the fire energy of this New Moon still stands strong! It will be helpful to find a creative outlet or to move around more than usual. On the 19th, intellectual Mercury enters its home sign Virgo, shifting our mental energy towards research, careful analysis and attention to detail, followed by the Sun on the 22nd. Virgo season is on- a time to learn, to focus on our work and routines and to connect to the magic of the natural world.

We have a Grand Earth Trine during the last week of August as Mercury trines both Uranus and Jupiter, supporting us to root our thoughts into reality and to find expansive, innovative ways of following our goals. This is a great time to check items off our to-do list in a way that feels both organized and permissive and to keep our minds, our bodies and our environments tidy for optimum performance. Dreamy Venus in Cancer is active as well: she forms an opposition with Jupiter on the 25th and a trine with Neptune on the 27th, warning us against giving or expecting too much in our relationships while also supporting us with soft, hazy vibes that are great for romance and fantasy.

The same Venus can bring tension in relationships around old wounds or power games on the 30th, so it’s good to merge fantasy (something that we’re prone to especially as Mercury opposes boundless Neptune) with a little awareness about how our inner child, as well as our need for control, show up in our closest connections.

Read below to find out more about this month for you, depending on your Sun and Ascendant sign.



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