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4 Astrological Events You Don't Wanna Miss This September

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 01 2020

Dear Magic Makers,

September brings us challenges and turning points in the areas of work, rules and restrictions, relationships, and partnerships, all while prompting us to reconsider the way we own our desires and express ourselves assertively.

September has a huge potential to help us grow, especially since we’re supported by the forward-moving energy of Jupiter and Saturn, finally direct in Capricorn. Let’s find out more!

Mars Retrograde In Aries: September 9- November 14

Once every two years, Mars, the planet of action, initiative, and instinct goes retrograde for two months, marking a time when introspection is better than action and revisiting old projects comes more natural than starting something new. When Mars is retrograde, we’re likely to feel more tired, irritable, and reactive than usual and we need to rest rather than to push forward with our agenda.

This can be frustrating since Mars finds it difficult to stay still or to move backward- especially in pioneering Aries. Looking at the astrological symbol of this fiery planet tells us enough about his desire to act, to pierce, to progress. The following two months can face us with delays or obstacles, especially from authority figures, institutions…or bad timing. There’s a need to look within at the way we’ve been expressing our Mars (our drive, assertion, initiative) and see if there are patterns that keep repeating in our lives, manifesting similar situations in the outside world. Do you tend to feel like a victim? Do you push forward or escalate conflicts? Do you trust yourself, your intuition, your inner leader?

The following two months could bring up past conflicts or past sexual relationships, all to help us become more aware of our current desires and priorities, beyond what we used to want or how we used to react. The tricky part is that Mars retrograde can make us feel like we’re living in the past, so we could surprise ourselves by getting triggered or aroused by something (or someone) in the same way that we used to do before. During the following two months, it helps to stay mindful of our reactions and to separate the present from the past. What do you really want now, from your current level of self-confidence? Can you find an alternative way of reacting?

Mars will be locked into three squares with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto for the rest of the year, challenging us to set our priorities straight and to endure delays or frustrations. One way of seeing things is that the Universe is schooling our inner warrior into its full power. Let’s find compassion for ourselves and for others (everyone is likely to be more sensitive during the following months) and invite a little gentleness and patience into our lives. If you have important planets or points in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you’ll be feeling this transit the most!

Jupiter Direct In Capricorn: September 12

Since May 14, expansive Jupiter has been doing its annual backward dance through the sky, supporting us to reconsider our priorities, our long-term goals, and our relationship with abundance. In Capricorn, the sign of rules, regulations, and limitations, Jupiter has been making it obvious that we can’t always do what we want and that the (literal or symbolic) borders that we’ve been taking for granted are, in fact, very real.

At the same time, with Jupiter being the planet of luck and healing, he’s been helping us expand our horizons in different ways, perhaps through introspection, inner journeys or connecting more to our inner guide, beyond external searches in the material world.

On September 12, when Jupiter goes direct once again, we could feel like we’re finally being given the green light when it comes to matters of work, ambitions, material resources, study, and travel. With Saturn still retrograde in Capricorn and Mars moving backward in Aries, we still have a lot to reconsider before moving forward, but Jupiter direct can give us a new perspective and the faith that things will turn out alright in the end.

Between September 10 and 17, Jupiter stationing before and after his retrograde can bring key events in the areas of travel, international matters, faith and religion, higher studies and courses, medicine, law and publishing. Events from the past four months in these areas can reach a conclusion, helping us move forward. What will it be? During these days, let’s listen to messages from our guides, pay attention to synchronicities, and have faith that the Universe is supporting us to grow!

Sun in Libra: September 22- October 22

After a month of practical, brainy Virgo vibes, Libra season is here to delight our senses and to bring us closer to what makes us feel happy, content and loved.

Libra is all about balance, whether it’s in our inner world or in our relationships. In the following month, we’ll navigate the complex web of our connections, looking to give and to receive, to please and to enjoy, looking for a middle point between the self and others.

It’s a dynamic transit- the Sun opposes retrograde Mars in Aries and squares Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn throughout his journey in sensitive Libra. Our way of connecting to others, making our wishes known while also considering theirs, will be a major theme this month. If we tend to be too self-centered or, on the contrary, too accommodating in our relationships, there might be situations that prompt us to reconsider our approach. Others will be truthful mirrors of our inner world, expressing what we’re silencing down. For example, those of us who tend to make compromises just to keep the peace might clash with someone who tends to dominate- or vice-versa.

Themes linked to rules, control, issues with authority figures can come to the surface, prompting us to take full responsibility for the way we show up in our relationships; no more blaming the other or keeping a status quo that harms us. Our Libra side is looking for fair exchanges, balanced give and take, constructive connections. We’re supported to go through the possible storm that precedes peace by relying on our inner authority, our patience, and resilience.

Since the cardinal axis (the Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn square) is madly active this month and Cancer is the absent sign, it helps to invite some of the gentle, nurturing, comfort-loving energy of this sign into our lives, whether it’s through cooking a hearty meal, spending more time at home or showing empathy for the people around us. It will also help to connect to our gentle, sensual, artistic side, courtesy of graceful Libra. What kind of safe oasis do you want to create for yourself and your loved ones this Libra season?

Saturn Direct In Capricorn: September 29

Good news: Saturn is the second planet resuming its forward movement in Capricorn this month! By the start of October, issues that we’ve been reconsidering for the past four months when it comes to working, ambition, long-term goals, social status, rules and regulations, our relationship with authority will finally shed some of their weight, allowing us to start moving forward with our plans.

Two planets going direct in Capricorn could mean clearer rules about how society can function during the pandemic and finding a way to integrate the long-term changes that Covid-19 has brought to our way of living, loving, and working. Between September 24 and October 3, when Saturn will be stationed, we could go through key events linked to social structures, rules and restrictions, personal and social responsibility, work, and self-discipline. 

Whatever comes upon a personal and social level during the Saturn station, the best way to work with this energy is to be clear about our priorities, our boundaries, and our responsibilities. Let’s keep in mind that Saturn loves it when we postpone instant gratification for the sake of a higher purpose or a long-term plan, even (or especially) when things are difficult. Between September 24 and October 3, let this be our mantra. With Jupiter and Saturn now direct again in Capricorn, our efforts from the past months will be paying off soon!

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