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Astro Alert: Jupiter sextile Pluto

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 02 2022

On the 2nd, love goddess Venus enters Aries, where she will stay until the 28th. May is a great month for taking initiative in love and approaching life with passion and enthusiasm. The dreaminess, sensitivity, and sometimes warm indecision of Pisces are left behind for a more direct approach.

On the 3rd, a rare sextile between Jupiter, the planet of abundance, and Pluto, the planet of power, can bring new professional or personal opportunities for growth, supporting us to strengthen our inner and outer authority.

Jupiter sextile Pluto:
May 3rd

Jupiter Sextile Pluto

May starts off with a powerful sextile between Jupiter, the planet of abundance and generosity, and Pluto, the planet of power, wealth, and transformation. Sextiles are harmonious aspects that bring new opportunities: it might be subtle at first, but the beginning of May can offer us the chance to increase our personal power, our inner and outer authority, and our material or spiritual wealth. 

While some of us might embrace a new professional opportunity (Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign of ambition and social status), others might grow through contexts that allow a deeper understanding of universal truths and open up pathways to healing (Jupiter is in Pisces, the archetype of the mystic and the healer).

This is a time for embodying the knowledge that we’ve acquired until now, perhaps through energy work, shadow work, or alternative healing methods that focus on the connection between the mind (Jupiter) and the energetic body (Pluto). Occultism and magical practices are also favored in May.

Those of us with strong Capricorn and Pisces will feel the influence of this aspect the most, but all of us can have an opportunity for increased material or spiritual wealth in the areas ruled by these two signs in the birth chart.


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