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April Monthly Horoscope - Virgo

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 29 2020

Dear Virgo, from the start of this month until early August, it will be a time to focus on your work, doing it with love and sharing beauty with the world. Your career, your relationship with authority figures and the way you want to be seen in society will be important areas of focus and reconsideration until mid-summer. Around the 4th, it will be an intense moment when determination, resilience and finding your inner strength can lead to opportunity and growth in the area of romance and creativity. It’s a time of transformation when good luck in relationships (with a lover, with children, with your inner child) can come disguised as difficulty, so don’t give up!

On the 7th, the Libra Full Moon illuminates the area of finances, abilities, resources, self-worth for you, revealing how you’ve been keeping a balance between personal finances and shared resources, attachment and letting go in these past months. Themes linked to attachments, deep emotions, money, romance, sex, creativity can be prominent now, asking you to treat yourself with kindness while at the same time you gain a more objective, detached perspective on your feelings. Now is a good time to let go of attachments or attitudes towards money/towards your body that no longer serve you. On this Full Moon, you could be feeling more restless or reactive than usual as certain situations could be triggering you, especially at work or linked to your personal beliefs; stay mindful of your first impulses and try to see them objectively, taking a deep breath before you react. 

On the 14th and the 15th, stay mindful of any shadow plays that might take place in your intimate relationships or in your relationship with children. See where you might be reacting from a place of woundedness and find your inner strength, trusting yourself to be mature and responsible about the role you play in your relationships. This week, past wounds linked to sexuality, attachment, fear, betrayal could resurface, asking to be seen and brought to light.

On the 22nd, the Taurus New Moon marks a time of upheaval and transformation in your life when it comes to higher education, beliefs, travel, adventures. You could be feeling more rebellious than usual, wanting more independence and strongly affirming your beliefs. Set your intentions regarding your educational path and your efforts to expand your horizons as you flow with the personal and collective changes of this period. Reflect on how much freedom you need in a relationship and in your daily life as a general rule, centering yourself and trusting that challenges or perceived limitations can help make you stronger. Around the 25th, issues linked to romance, creativity, education, children could intensify in your life, as the following months will have you reconsider your shadow, your desires and the way you wield your personal power in these areas.

On the 26th and on the 30th, you could see the issues that arose on the New Moon take clearer shape in the form of changes, new ideas, powerful insights linked to higher education, travel or spirituality. Perhaps some of these ideas can come through spiritual practice or moments of gratefulness and faith. Around the 26th, weigh your options carefully and make decisions consciously when it comes to romance, creativity and children, taking all the details of a situation into account.

Magical Dates:

Love: 4

Career: 3-30 (Venus in your house of career), especially 7, 18

Money: 7 (Full Moon in your house of finances)

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 4/7

New Moon: 4/22

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