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April Monthly Horoscope - Pisces

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 29 2020

Dear Pisces, from the start of this month until early August, it will be a time of introversion when your home, family, emotions and inner security will be important areas of focus and reconsideration for you. It’s a good time for beautifying your home or improving your relationship with your family through better communication. Around the 4th, it will be an intense moment when determination, discipline and using your inner strength can lead to opportunity and growth in the area of friendships, groups and hopes for the future. Find a balance between pushing forward with your agenda and keeping faith in what’s to come.

On the 7th, the Libra Full Moon illuminates the area of sexuality, shared finances and deep psychology for you, revealing how you’ve been keeping a balance between self-reliance and sharing with others, between the material and the spiritual world during these past months. Themes linked to attachment, strong emotions, fear and desire, security and finances, freedom and communication can be prominent now, asking you to find a creative, loving center within yourself and to follow your needs, your passion for life in all your choices. Now is a good time to let go of attachments, fears, obsessions, resentments that no longer serve you. On this Full Moon, you could be feeling more restless or reactive than usual as possibly repressed anger comes to the surface; stay mindful of your first impulses, try to see them objectively and find an outlet for any emotion that might be boiling beneath the surface.

On the 14th and the 15th, stay mindful of any misunderstandings or power clashes with friends or linked to your finances. Stay mindful of your spending habits and work the self-confidence that you’ve got the skills to reach your goals. This week, past wounds linked to your sense of self-worth or security could resurface, asking to be seen and integrated.

On the 22nd, the Taurus New Moon marks a time of upheaval and transformation in your life when it comes to communication and education. Set your intentions linked to reading, writing, learning about subjects that interest you as you flow with the personal and collective changes of this period. You might have interesting insights or meet unusual people at this time! Center yourself and trust that perceived limitations (perhaps anxiety or old wounds in the area of communication or learning) can serve as a source of motivation. Around the 25th, issues linked to friendships, groups, belonging could intensify in your life, as the following months will have you reconsider your shadow and the way you wield your personal power in connection to your friends and to the groups that you’re a part of.

On the 26th and on the 30th, you could see the issues that arose on the New Moon take clearer shape in the form of changes, insights or new ideas in the area of communication. Stay mindful of the words you’re using- make them insightful and healing, while also staying aware that you might need more freedom than usual at this time. Around the 26th, weigh your options carefully and make decisions consciously, taking all the details of a situation into account, especially when it comes to finances or group involvements.

Magical Dates:

Love: 1, 7, 18, 24, 28

Career: -

Money: 18

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 4/7

New Moon: 4/22



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