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April Monthly Horoscope - Aquarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 29 2020

Dear Aquarius, from the start of this month until early August, it’s a time when you’ll be focusing on your love life, your hobbies and your creative projects. How you receive and give love, how you communicate with your partner, how you express yourself creatively will be important areas of focus and reconsideration until mid-summer. Around the 4th, it will be an intense moment in your inner world when challenging situations can lead, through determination, resilience and finding your inner power, to opportunity and growth. It’s a time of transformation when you’re asked to accept what is and to let go of the past.

On the 7th, the Libra Full Moon brings important peak moments or results in your life in the area of higher education, traveling, spirituality, beliefs, publishing, revealing how you’ve been keeping a balance between small-scale info and higher ideals, the mind and the soul during these past months. Themes linked to communication, beliefs, education, justice, insecurity, healing can be prominent now, asking you to set concrete, day-by-day goals towards your purpose and to avoid being too critical of yourself and others. On this Full Moon, you could be feeling more restless or wanting more freedom than usual, especially concerning your family. Stay mindful of your first reactions if you’re triggered and try to see them objectively, taking a deep breath before you react. 

On the 14th and the 15th, stay mindful of any power clashes or misunderstandings with siblings or people in your close environment. You could feel a conflict between your desire to see things in a rational light and a deeper call for listening to your feelings and gut instinct. This week, past wounds linked to communication, education or siblings can come to the surface, asking for reflection and integration. Find ways to quiet your mind and to trust yourself on an intellectual level without feeling either inferior or superior to others.

On the 22nd, the Taurus New Moon marks a time of upheaval and transformation in your life when it comes to family and home. Set your intentions linked to your relationship with your family, the physical space you live in, your sense of security as you flow with the personal and collective changes of this period. Trust that any limitation that you might perceive at this time can be a source of motivation as a new phase in your life is starting- it’s a time to look within, to nurture yourself, to find inner safety and intimacy with loved ones in the middle of shifting waters. Around the 25th, issues linked to solitude, guilt, compassion, crisis and self-undoing could intensify in your life as the following months will have you reconsider your deepest emotions, your losses and your faith.

On the 26th and on the 30th, you could see the issues that arose on the New Moon take clearer shape in the form of changes, new ideas or powerful insights when it comes to home, family, inner security. You will feel the need for more freedom at home, so take the space you need. Around the 26th, weigh your options carefully and make decisions consciously, taking all the details of a situation into account, especially when it comes to communication or acts of kindness.

Magical Dates:

Love: 3-30 (Venus in your house of romance), especially 7, 18, 20

Career: 18

Money: -

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 4/7

New Moon: 4/22

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