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Monthly Horoscope - April Monthly Horoscope 2020

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 29 2020


April Monthly Horoscope 2020

Dear readers, April starts with love goddess Venus entering Gemini on the 3rd, where she will stay until the 7th of August! Including a period of retrogradation, Venus in Gemini will be a time when we get more curious about our preferences in love and in life, forming new connections, finding out new information and navigating our feelings with an airy kind of ease. On this same day, Mercury conjunct Neptune in slippery Pisces makes it a great time for dreaming, meditation and art of all sorts, so don’t plan any daunting task- take time to rest and regenerate instead. On the 4th, a major astrological event takes place: Jupiter, the god of abundance, law, faith, social implication conjuncts transformative Pluto in Capricorn. This conjunction happens only once every thirteen years and it marks a time when luck, progress (Jupiter) can be obtained through crisis and transformation (Pluto) or when many of us successfully (Jupiter) get more power (Pluto) on a professional or social level. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Around the 7th, keep in mind that most of us will need more freedom of action; some flexibility helps to avoid conflict. The Libra Full Moon on this same day also prompts us to find a balance between self-assertion (Sun in Aries) and compromise (Moon in Libra) as new information about our relationships and partnerships comes to the surface. How have you been managing an equal give and take in your relationships? How does this Full Moon show you the results of these past months in the area of social connections? Since the Full Moon is squaring Jupiter and Pluto while impulsive Mars squares Uranus, this might be a good moment to break free from limiting patterns in relationships (or perhaps even from a stifling relationship), but keep in mind that we might be more impulsive than usual during this charged cosmic moment… or we might tend to give too much. Weigh your options carefully and consider the long-term implications of what is going on now. On the 8th and on the 10th, relationship planets Venus and Mars form sextiles with wounded healer Chiron, so relationship difficulties that we might be going through right now can be an instrument for our healing. 

On the 14th and on the 15th, the Sun squares Jupiter and Pluto. Stay mindful of what comes up for you around these days, especially linked to career, the way you’re perceived by others, authority figures. We’re going through a collective transformation of the structures in our lives, rethinking the way we define and use power and success. How does this reflect in your own life? Where is the tension and how can you alchemize it by yielding, accepting, finding gratefulness and grace while you stand up with integrity for your values and priorities? Especially around the 15th, as Mercury conjuncts Chiron in Aries, wounds linked to your voice, freedom or self-expression can come up. Just speaking your mind can be incredibly therapeutic at this time.

On the 19th, the Sun enters Taurus, so get ready for the season of slow change, rest and quiet determination, a season that helps us reconnect to what is simple and natural in life. The Sun-Saturn square on the 21st is a challenging start that can confront us with the pressure of material needs. Is the online environment (Saturn in Aquarius) enough to fulfill our daily necessities (Sun in Taurus) or do we need more to feel alive, connected, loved? This is just one of the questions that the powerful Taurus New Moon on the 22nd can bring. In close conjunction to Uranus, this New Moon can bring unexpected events linked to money or business, circumstances that make us shift the way we perceive wealth and security. We could see a peak point in the economic changes triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. These changes could feel restricting (The New Moon squares Saturn), prompting us to organize our resources better and to avoid wasting them as we’ve been doing until now (The New Moon squares Jupiter). It’s a transformative time for everyone. Pluto stationing towards retrograde for the second half of the month only makes it more intense, prompting us to dig deep for hidden resources that can help us survive and thrive. Set your intentions linked to finances, business, values, your connection to your body and to nature and trust the higher purpose of these challenging times.  On the 25th, Pluto starts retrograding in Capricorn, so until the 4th of October, he will prompt us to confront our personal and collective shadow linked to efficiency, power and authority.

On the 26th, expect an echo of what transpired on the Taurus New Moon as the Sun conjuncts Uranus. Perhaps you’re thinking of new ways to make money or going through a significant change in your work or business. Collectively, we’re being prompted to realize that “we cannot eat money” (I love this lyric from Aurora’s song, The Seed) and that our planet is our most valuable asset. On the 30th, innovation and alternative approaches to existing structures will be on our minds as Mercury conjuncts Uranus. Now is the time to flow with change and to think outside of the box, using the energy of Mercury’s ingress into pragmatic Taurus on the 27th to apply the ideas you’ve been reflecting on.

This month, we have three planets in air signs: Venus in Gemini, Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. This is a change from last month’s heavy atmosphere into a more hopeful territory, full of possibility. What will you choose to imagine this month? Read below to find out more about how April will unfold for you!

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