Anti Stress & Anti Anxiety Challenge

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 04 2019

As we have evolved over the years, we have finally come today, to this moment. Where the knowledge of the world lays in your hand, every day, all day. Where you can book a flight and be at the other end of the world the next day. Where you can find any food that you can think of at any time. We live in a concrete jungle, of million people, each and every one of us rushing each morning to work, a coffee in one hand and smartphone in the other. Heads down, walking straight up, rushing, in constant chaos, on autopilot - drifting between what we want to become, what we were, what we worry will happen and what has happened. Never here, never now.

Unfortunately, the modern way of life has it all, except life itself. In those drifts between the present and the past, we have forgotten that life, in reality, is here, in this very moment, and everything that might or might not happen is just an illusion. However, if there is one aspect that we got right is, that we do think about the future - and we should. Setting goals for yourself, is not a bad thing, on the contrary - you should always strive to dream beyond everything that you have ever imagined. But, that doesn’t mean that you should get stuck in the dream world. Rather, you should work on making your dreams - your reality. Because in your dreams for the future, there lies your magic. Beyond the line that you never crossed in your life!

This March, we have a very special growth plan for you dearest members! We will be working on the balance between dreaming big and staying realistic at the same time. You see, there is nothing bad in dreaming big, but if you constantly get stuck in your dream world, just to get through your day - then you have a very big issue. Now is not the time for you to be absent. Now is the time to be here - to make the most of this moment, because this very moment is a part of your life, unlike the illusions stress and anxiety create.

Speaking of stress and anxiety, the constant companions of the modern way of life, are one of the main reasons for not living in the present moment. Rather than battling them, we accept them as a normal part of our lives and spend our lives escaping from their torture. Well, today it all stops here. This month, we will start the battle with anxiety and stress, kick the notorious duo ass and create your own damn magic. Are you with us? Are you ready? Let’s start!

For March we have created a set of four steps in which we will share with you many exercises, rituals, meditations and insights that will help you remove stress and anxiety from your life, and restore the balance between dreaming big and staying realistic!

Step 1 - The Importance of Now

Before we begin any exercises we will first speak about the present moment, why it is important to dream big but also stay realistic and we will teach you how to stay in the present moment. We have a few books to recommend, a lot of exercises and a very special meditation to help you focus on the now, rather than what was and what could be or could have been.

Step 2 - Identifying Stress and Anxiety Triggers

For step two, we have to roll up our sleeves and dig in below the surface. Here you will learn what is anxiety, what is stress, some common stress/anxiety triggers and you will learn how to identify them. We think this will be one of the hardest steps for you, but don’t worry! We have split it into a lot of parts so you can more easily identify your stress and anxiety triggers.

Step 3 - The Battle With Stress and Anxiety

Now that step three has come, we will share with you a few small, but very important habits that you can start using, as well as alternative methods with dealing with stress and anxiety. This is where the major change begins for you, and the present moment! Sometimes setting new habits is hard, but don’t worry, where there is a will there's a way!

Step 4 - Root Chakra Meditation

In step four, we will tap into the very energy center for balance and security into your body - the Root Chakra.

Excited yet?

Let’s awaken your magic!

Tune in to our blog to join the Anti Stress & Anti Anxiety Challenge this month!



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