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A New Year Intention Setting Ritual

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 16 2020

And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.

Rainer Maria Rilke

New Beginnings. They are in the air, itching to connect with your soul and stir your imagination all to manifest into the material world.  New beginnings are complicated. Sometimes they simply letting go to make room for the new.

Sometimes they just mean taking where you are to another level.  Whichever you choose, you WILL be making a grand step forward knowing that the Universe has got your back, 100%. That’s why we have created this amazing ritual to help you commit, embrace and manifest the new beginnings you will bring into 2020. Here is how to create your own damn magic:

  • Cleansing - Like any ritual, and especially when setting our intentions for the whole year we like to start on a clean slate. That’s why we’ll start by cleansing our home, and ourselves. However if you are unsure which products to use then we reccomend to use a Sage Cleansing Kit. This kit comes with an Abalone Shell, a turkey feather, an eagle feather, a pack of three Smudge Sticks and is all you need for a magical smudging, cleansing session.  Light up one of your sage sticks, blowing it if necessary.

    When you start getting some steady smoke, you can place it in your shell. Use the feathers to fan the smoke. Feel free to walk around allowing the smoke to cleanse your space and body. It’s even better to walk into every room of your home and sage it with the smoke - especially the corners of the room. Then open the windows and ask for any energy that is not yours to leave your space.

  • Awakening Your Courage- We recommend burning a Courage Soy Candle. Light your candle after you have cleansed your space or after a bath when you should be deeply relaxed.  You can also place this candle in a place where it will be undisturbed. You will be putting a white candle next to it shortly. Take a few deep breaths, and say a little prayer to the Universe to grant you the courage to pursue your goals.

  • Candle Carving - Ready for some candle magic? For this you will need White Candle, Candle Holder & Carving Stick or a Candle Carving Kit where you have all the tools you might need. We want you to go ahead and carve your name into this candle.  Once you are done, make a list of all of the things you want to bring into your life this year.  This can be as long or short as you want. When you are done, feel free to light the candle and recite your list aloud.  You can place your candle next to the Courage one you lit earlier.

  • Now it’s time to commit to owning the new beginnings we discussed earlier.  You will do a little meditation to relax even further.  Take ten deep breaths, and focus only on your breath. Leave all other throughts aside. Then you will come up with one to three wishes dedicated to how you will commit to starting a new in your life. For each wish, make a knot on a Wishlet to remind yourself of this commitment. Then tie the wishlet on your left hand.

  • Now that you’re all done with the intention setting, we will be asking the Universe to grant you strenght, perserverance and persistence to accomplish all of your goals and intentions. That’s why we’ll be doing a short meditation with Red Jasper. Hold it in your hand and focus on your goals. Then focus on the energy Red Jasper emits. Take a few minutes soaking the energy from Red Jasper.

    Perhaps a day or a few weeks from now you forget your goals or stop believing they are on their way.  Go hold onto this crystal and remember. Meditate on your list. Do not stop believing. Promise?

Are you ready for your new beginnings? You better be!!



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