A Little Crystal Magic November - A Magical Crystal Grid

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 30 2020

Welcome to A Little Crystal Magic, November!!!

Thank You For Joining Us On This Magical Crystal Healing Journey!

How are you feeling? We bet that right about now, you are finally starting to get more in tune with yourself after all the hard work we did the last couple of months together. We are so happy that even in this year of doom and gloom, you still found the strength, will, and perseverance to push through and create your own damn magic. And this month, will be nothing short of magic since we are officially entering Sagittarius season, and do you know what that means? It’s time to explore your inner endless self, and let yourself go, completely free, unafraid, ready to own it in the world! And we are going to own it – Sagittarius style this season!

If you are a beginner in crystal healing, then you are starting in the right place! Each month we will be sending you a Crystal Of The Month Box, where we will include crystals, charged with Reiki Healing Energy by our Master Reiki Healer & Founder - Shereen, as well as exercises and rituals in which you can use your crystals. We will cover everything there is to know about those crystals, and various uses from beginner to advanced, and through each crystal, we will help you to create your own damn magic.

What Are Crystals Exactly?

Crystals are different minerals extracted from the earth. Each crystal radiates with a different energy frequency, and those energy frequencies of the crystals are often used in crystal healing.

By connecting with your crystals, allowing the energy frequencies of the crystals to interact with your own life energy, the crystals can improve the flow of life energy in your body, increase the vibes you send off into the universe, dissolve and heal energy blockages in your body, cleanse and remove low-frequency vibes as well as offer protection from low-frequency vibes.

The possibilities with crystal healing are endless because when you combine the frequencies of different crystals in crystal grids, you can find a solution to any issue.

How Do You Use Crystals?

The most important thing to remember is that every crystal has its own energy frequency. To use crystals successfully, you first have to study each crystal's properties. But, with so many crystals around it is very difficult to learn all their properties, energy frequencies, and uses, as well as how to combine crystals.

That is why we created this magical crystal healing box just for you! We want to help you learn all there is to know about crystal healing, individual crystals, and how crystals can interact with each other, as well as how they interact with you.

Through learning about each crystal individually, you will soon become an awesome crystal healer, and you will attain a vast collection of crystals to help you heal and balance yourself!

Why Did We Choose Amethyst, Clear Quartz & Selenite?

They are the perfect crystals for building a crystal grid! Here is why they are awesome:

Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz is a well-known crystal for its ability to heighten frequencies and help us manifest our dreams into reality. Many practices use Clear Quartz in meditation to achieve the ultimate balance and harmony, especially when using Clear Quartz Spheres in each hand. Clear Quartz has a unique ability to also dissolve negative vibes which is why it’s perfect for cleansing purposes as well. Although Clear Quartz might seem like a plain crystal, it’s actually a crystal that brings balance to all chakras, and especially the Crown Chakra. 

Amethyst -  Amethyst is well known for its ability to connect us to our higher selves and also with the universe as a whole. Many practices use Amethyst in meditation to access deeper levels of consciousness as well as bring clarity into circumstances where we are blocked.  Amethyst is also known for connecting us with Spirit, including our higher self and any of our selves (present self, future self or past self).  If you wish to deepen your shamanic journeying or timeline healing, she will definitely deliver these results. Finally, Amethyst is the master connector to our intuition.

Selenite - Selenite is known as liquid light in the crystal world, because it simply radiates with light energy, heightening vibes wherever it is put. It’s also a well-known crystal for its ability to connect us to our higher selves and gaining access to ancient knowledge. Many practices use Selenite in meditation to access deeper levels of consciousness as well as to dissolve energy blocks through the body and aura. Wherever you put Selenite, it simply evokes high frequencies of light energy that connect with the Crown Chakra.

How To Use Amethyst, Clear Quartz & Selenite To Build A Crystal Grid?

  • Think about the intentions that you want to focus on when you build your crystal grid. To help you further enhance your intentions, add one drop of the Road Opener oil on each wrist and massage them with circular, clockwise motions.

  • Then close your eyes and visualize your goals, your dreams, your freedom. Take deep breaths, and feel the strong, beautiful loving emotions that the realization of your goals and inner freedom arise in you. Then take your clear quartz points into your hands, and whisper to them three times – “enhance”.

  • Then take your amethyst points into your hands, and whisper to them three times – “balance”. Then take your Selenite Pyramid, and whisper to it three times – “freedom” and hold it as you visualize your goals. That’s right, feel every positive vibe enhancing, and your intentions being written down into the program of each of the crystals. 

  • Then, place the Selenite Pyramid in front of you, and add the clear quartz points around it. Then, between the clear quartz points add in the amethyst points. Then add a drop of the Road Opener oil on top of the Selenite Pyramid to further enhance inner freedom and spiritual exploration.

  • Now that you have properly set up your crystal grid, sit in front of it, and close your eyes – time to meditate with it and enjoy the beautiful energy you created! Take a deep breath, and slowly, gently exhale through your mouth. Can you feel the energy brimming from the crystal grid?

  • Focus on the energy you feel, let it overtake you completely, realizing that this is the very energy setting you free to create your own damn magic. Breathe. Once you feel ready, take three deep breaths, and slowly gently, open your eyes. Leave the crystal grid set overnight to be further charged and enhanced by moonlight. 


Dragana & the My Little Magic Shop Team

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