Step 4 - 5 Magical Law Of Attraction Rituals

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 22 2019

Now that you have learned all there is to know about the Law of Attraction and explored all the options on why the Law of Attraction might not be working out for you, you are ready to start manifesting the life of your dreams! We have gathered the best manifestation rituals to help you create your own damn magic! Here are the 5 best Law of Attraction Rituals to help you manifest anything in your life:

Manifestation Bath

Have you noticed that some of your best ideas come when you are under the shower? It’s no wonder because water has an immense power that can heal us. The soothing, nourishing feeling that envelopes you, whenever you are near water, is the best example of how powerful water is.

Which is why making a manifestation bath is a great way to vibe in the right tune with the Law of Attraction. Depending on what you will like to manifest, we recommend you accompany your manifestation bath with the following tools:

For Manifesting Abundance - 8 Green Candles along with a Green Aventurine Crystal. The number eight in numerology is commonly known as the number of abundance and wealth, while Green Aventurine is one of the best crystals for attracting abundance and luck.

For Manifesting Love - 6 Pink Candles along with a Rose Quartz Crystal. The number six in numerology is known as the number of the goddess of love – Venus. Accompanied by the infinite potential for love that Rose Quartz possesses they are an excellent combination for manifesting love in your life.

Manifesting Anything – 5 Yellow Candles accompanied with a Citrine Crystal. The number five signifies constant change, which is, in fact, the basis for any manifestation. Accompanied by the joyful stone of creativity, they are an excellent combination to help you manifest anything in your life.

All you need to do is, fill up your bath, get in it, light your candles and place the crystal close to your chest. The nourishing and soothing vibes with the water accompanied by the high-frequency vibes from the crystals will help you to shift your thoughts and emotions, helping you to send out the right vibes to the universe. The candles will help you focus your thoughts and vibes more easily. If you feel like to need something extra to make your manifestation bath more successful, then add a few drops of A Little Luck Oil in the water.

Crystal Magic Grid

One of our favorite rituals for manifesting is using crystal grids. The best crystal grid for manifesting anything is the Metatron Crystal Grid. By following the lines of where the powers of the crystals will intercept and reach their peak, you can make an amazing crystal grid specifically to help you manifest your dreams. We like to use the following combination of crystals:

1 Lapis Lazuli Crystal Heart – an amazing crystal for manifesting your dreams. Place the heart at the center of the crystal grid.

6 Clear Quartz Natural Points – Clear Quartz is known as a master healer and amplifier of vibes in the crystal world. It is the perfect crystal to enhance your intentions. Place the Natural Points around the crystal heart, vertically, where the lines intercept.

3 Meraba Amethyst and 3 Chevron Amethyst Tumbled Stones – Amethyst is one of the best crystals when it comes to connecting with the Universe and different aspects of yourself. Place The Chevron Amethyst first, then the Meraba Amethyst, then the Chevron Amethyst around the natural points, until you fill out each circle with a crystal.

Now you can begin your meditation and focus more easily on your manifestation goals. The crystals will enhance your vibes, and help you send out the right frequencies to the universe.

Using the 55x5 Technique

Changing yourself is the hardest part of any manifestation. To get results, you need to start creating new patterns, and to create new patterns – new thoughts and new actions are needed. The thing is with each new action and thought, you are breaking out of the old paradigm and creating a new one. You are basically re-programming your subconscious mind.

Luckily we are easily programmable creatures, which is why a simple yet helpful technique has emerged for manifesting. It’s called the 55x5 technique. All you need is a journal and a blue pen. Then, every day, at the same time, take 20 minutes off your busy day and start writing down your goal in the present tense 55 times. Repeat this for at least 5 days, to break off your old paradigm. The best way to manifest with this technique is to repeat it until you accomplish your goal.

Sound Healing Ritual

Tibetan Singing Bowls are an amazing way to modify and change the frequency on which you are currently vibing out. Their healing sounds will shake you to the core. Lay down on the floor, and place the Tibetan Singing Bowl on your stomach. Strike the bowl three times.

As you feel the frequencies of the singing bowl vibrating through your body, focus on your goal and intentions. Focus on being able to achieve the fulfilling life that you always dreamed about. Expect a surge of emotions to envelop you. Embrace them, and let them overtake you. Once you are ready, take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down. Then, sit up and say a little prayer of gratitude.

Build the Ultimate Manifestation Altar

There isn’t anything better for manifesting than creating your own custom manifestation altar. Altars are not only a simple place to set your tools, but rather a place where there will be constantly high-frequency vibes in your home. Besides that, the altar will also serve as a reminder that you have committed to an obligation to yourself so that you can create the fulfilling life that you always dreamed about. Here are the tools that we recommend you include in your altar:

Glass Pyramid – The glass pyramid is perfect as a focus point when building your manifestation altar. Not only it enhances the power of the frequencies around it, but it is also the perfect manifestation tool because you are placing your intentions inside the glass pyramid, increasing their vibrations.

Mala Beads Clear Quartz – Mala beads are an excellent tool to help you reprogram your subconscious mind, by meditating and using affirmations. Clear Quartz Mala beads are amazing because they will increase the frequencies of your meditation sessions immensely.

New Beginning Wishlet - Wishlets are the best tools for setting new intentions and goals, and helping you manifest them.

Rainbow Fluorite Heart – An excellent crystal to help you enhance your connection with the universe.

Chevron Amethyst Heart – An amazing crystal that will help you explore all aspects of yourself, and find the universe within you.

Green Aventurine Heart – The best crystal for attracting luck, creativity, and abundance.

White Selenite Wand – The perfect tool to cut off toxic patterns, and negative vibes, while enhancing the power of the positive vibes within you.

Crown Chakra Candle – The best candle to help you keep your focus, shift your emotions with the wonderful scents embedded into it, and connect you with your Crown Chakra – where all the magic resides.

Tibetan Tingshas – A little sound healing to signify the start and end of your rituals, as well as helping the life force within you and between your tools to start moving properly. By ensuring a positive life force flow through your altar, it will be easier to manifest the change in your life.

We hope that you found these manifestation rituals helpful!

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