4 Major Astrology Changes In March 2020

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 10 2020

March comes with an abundance of conjunctions that amplify our sense of purpose, together with a change of vibe as Mercury goes direct again while Mars and Saturn move from serious Capricorn to innovative Aquarius. What are the 4 big astrology changes that you should look out for?

Mercury Direct: March 9 

Since February 17, Mercury retrograde has brought up a variety of situations, thoughts, information or people from our past, prompting us to reconsider what has passed. We’ve also had our fair share of technology, communication or travel mix-ups, just enough to test our patience. Around March 9, as Mercury stations towards direct in Aquarius, these mix-ups could intensify; at the same time, we have a couple of days when the past calls loudly one more time before we move on towards the future.

Past friends, classmates, lovers, past information or old ways of thinking can come to the forefront of our consciousness to be seen in a new light. A helpful approach is not to do anything that you wouldn’t normally do; what comes up during Mercury retrogrades or stations, whether a mix-up in communication or a sudden desire to get back together with your ex, is usually transitory.

Breathe easily, as Mercury resuming his forward movement means fewer problems, an increased understanding of what you’ve learned from your past and a clearer path towards the future!

Sun in Aries: March 19

The start of Aries season equals higher energy levels and more enthusiasm for new beginnings! As daylight increases, our period of hibernation is coming to an end. If you’ve been sleeping on an idea this winter or postponing action, this month is the time to take a risk and to make things happen. We’ll be feeling more impulsive than usual and we can avoid excessive anger or frustration by following these impulses as they arise, whether they’re telling us to exercise more, pursue a romantic interest, dare to stand out at work or just do something spontaneous.

Around the 19th, it’s a great time to bring more structure to our workout routine, while around the 24th we could enter conflicts with people from our karmic past or remember situations when our ego suffered or our passion for life was stifled in some way.

These situations could be calling for the strength and the courage to be ourselves, despite the setbacks that we’ve encountered. This season, find your own way to connect to your inner Aries, to that raw energy that exudes confidence and the purest will to live and to succeed.

Saturn in Aquarius: March 21

Serious Saturn will occupy the revolutionary sign of Aquarius from March 21 until July 1, followed by a two-year transit starting with December 17. If Saturn in Capricorn has taught us responsibility, self-discipline and resilience for the past two years, now is the time to bring an innovative twist to the structures that we’ve established in this period, whether we’re talking about work, relationships, hobbies or routines. Aquarius is a social sign, so in the following two years the focus will be on uniting our forces with like-minded people to bring about the slow, but steady change that we want to see around us.

There will be moments when we’ll feel lonely or when our freedom will be stifled in some way; these times can help us bring more structure to our vision for the future and to better connect to our boundaries and our values in friendships and groups. Innovation, planning for the future, responsibility in a group are some meaningful keys to this transit, while in its darker form it can lead to polarized opinions or strict rules imposed by a social or political group.

This is a transit that prompts us to ground and to apply innovative ideas linked to spirituality, astrology, science, technology- we might see important advances in these fields. On a personal level, stay mindful of what is changing in your life this season. What is coming up until this July linked to friendships, groups, ideals, projects, innovation will be revised and better understood in the following years.

Mars in Aquarius: March 30

At the end of the month, fiery Mars joins Saturn in Aquarius, where he will stay until May 13. In the unpredictable sign of Aquarius, Mars will give us erratic levels of energy, inspiration for innovation and a strong independent streak. Many of us will feel motivated to join protests, public manifestations or groups with a mission to improve society, as injustice and corruption will anger us more than ever. These months are a chance to fight for the ideals that we believe in, joining with friends and like-minded people in an atmosphere of tolerance, friendly competition and motivation for change.

Some less pleasant manifestations of this transit could be a radical attitude, nervousness or difficulty sleeping, so make sure you bring enough change, socializing and inventiveness to your days to keep Mars in Aquarius well-fed. This is also a time when we can experiment sexually, differentiating emotion and attachment from experience, especially since we might want to try something new.

Stay mindful of any obstacles or limitations that you perceive in your freedom around the end of March- they’re a call towards bringing your ideals and your desire for independence from the realm of abstract thought into concrete reality.



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