4 Big Astrological Changes In January 2020

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 31 2019

Dear readers, we’re up for a packed start of the new 2020 year! In January, the steady, controlled energy of Capricorn dances with exploratory and change-welcoming vibes from Jupiter and Uranus. It’s a month that calls for staying power, resilience and a higher perspective. Read below to decode the four most important astrological events of the month!

1.Mars in Sagittarius: January 3- February 16

Starting with January the 3rd, Mars leaves serious, determined Scorpio for the feel-good, adventurous sign of Sagittarius. If Mars was in his domicile sign in Scorpio, he isn’t feeling too bad in Sagittarius either, as the archer matches his strong, enthusiastic fire. For the following month and a half, our energy levels will be high and we’ll want to burn this fuel through sports (especially outdoor sports), being in nature, exploring, going on small adventures and learning new things.

Some of us won’t waste the opportunity to travel abroad during this period. Others will do their best to excel in their studies or spiritual practice, while for others this transit might be about fighting for what they believe in. Either way, it’s a time when we’re called to alchemize our highest aspirations with our basic instincts, finding a way to satisfy both body and spirit. It’s interesting to see how this will manifest in our relationships.

We’re more likely to take risks or to act impulsively; this can bring fun, excitement and progress into our lives, yet it helps to calculate our risks and to give our impulses a direction, a goal to work towards so we don’t end up spreading ourselves too thin. It also helps to remember that it’s not always heroic to defend our beliefs if this defense is a knee-jerk reaction more than a thought-out expression of our values. With a little moderation, we can make the best of this fiery, exciting transit!

2. Jupiter conjunct the South Node: January 8

On the 8th of January, Jupiter perfects his conjunction to the South Node in Capricorn. Jupiter symbolizes expansion, growth and healing, while the South Node holds the karmic information of our past: those tendencies of thought, emotion and behavior that are familiar to us, yet limiting if we don’t see beyond them.

In the first part of January, Jupiter can amplify these patterns from our past, especially those linked to all things Capricorn: work, social status, effort towards goals, achievement. Some of us could be feeling overambitious and forgetting that life means more than hard work. Some of us could feel pessimistic, while others could be dealing with their fears of judgement or critique from others.

Luckily, not only does Jupiter amplify what it finds, but it also heals: what part of you is ready to be healed at this time? The people-pleaser, the over-achiever, the control freak, the procrastinator? How are you being led to embrace both your vulnerability and your strength to achieve your goals in a wholesome, balanced way? This is a moment when our relationship with authority figures and with our inner father reaches a meaningful point and has the opportunity to heal.

3. Uranus turns direct: January 10

Since the 12th of August, Uranus has been retrograding through Taurus, making us think about the changes we’d want to bring into our lives, especially on a financial level or linked to work and material resources.

This year, from January 1 to January 10, Uranus is stationary, marking a period when our lives might feel chaotic, a reflection of how our inner world is brimming with restlessness. This is a time when we might want to change something in a grand way or when life might surprise us with an unexpected twist. We’ll be feeling more rebellious than usual; freedom of action and independence will be high on our list, especially when it comes to finances, work, the physical part of life.

The insights and the reconsiderations that we’ve been going through since August are now ready to manifest as shifts in perspective and external changes. After the 10th, when Uranus resumes his forward movement through Taurus, things will be clearer and it can be easier to implement these changes in our lives.

4. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: January 12

Astrologers have been talking about this for a long time: the two “terrible” planets, Saturn and Pluto, together in Capricorn, the lord of time and karma. Saturn and Pluto are conjunct once every 35 years and their meeting in Capricorn is a significant event that brings forward themes of power and control, authority and submission, old structures and transformation.

Saturn represents structure and rules, while Pluto triggers transformation through bringing the personal and the collective shadow to light. We might see an intensification of power plays on a global level- corrupted and abusive systems refusing to give in to a new, balanced approach while the counter-current keeps getting stronger.

If we’re talking about change (Pluto), we’re talking about a lengthy process (Saturn), one that needs a lot of time, patience and responsibility if the old ways of corruption, injustice and judgement are to give way to a more humane approach. On a personal level, these might not be the easiest times as we’re called to embody responsibility, discipline, strength in the face of obstacles, yet also the strength to be vulnerable and to bring our wounds and our fears to light.

Saturn has been approaching Pluto for the past year and it will maintain the conjunction, on and off, in 2020 as well. This is the year when we might see the results of what’s been happening in 2019 linked to authority, responsibility, power and control, on a global as well on a personal level. Whatever it is that you are building or restructuring in your life at this time, keep in mind that you will need patience, hard work and resilience to get there- and the reward will be worth it!



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