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4 Best Ways To Use Your Runes

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on November 27 2020

So, you received your runes and you are wondering how to use them? Well, we have a few ways to show you how to use them. Runes are one of the best tools to get in touch with your intuition and to help you create your own damn magic. There are a lot of ways that you can use them to create your own damn magic and here are some of them:

What are runes?

Wait, what are runes exactly? Well, runes are actually an ancient Germanic alphabet. Like any alphabet, they were used for writing, but it was also believed that the runes have magical powers and were often used in magical rituals as well as for divination. There are 25 runes, and each rune in the alphabet has its own specific meaning.

Although they have their own meaning, using rune divination can be tricky, because you always have to be specific with your questions and ponder on the answers. The word rune itself can be translated as “mystery, secret, whisper”. And it’s only appropriate because when doing rune divination, your intuition “whispers” to you and unveils the mysteries and secrets in your life.

How to use your runes for divination?

Although runes can be used for checking what your close future may hold for you, the readings are not set in stone. That means that you can change your future, which is why runes are mostly used for solving current issues and gaining further insight into your current situation and situations of the past.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for checking up on your future as well, you just have to know the way. Today we are sharing a couple of beginner runic divination techniques to get you started! Here is how to use your runes for divination:

Daily Rune

When starting off with runic divination, the trickiest part is to learn all the runes, their meanings, and what they mean for you, in that specific situation. The easiest way to understand your runes better is to start with daily rune readings. Every morning when you wake up, focus on the question – “What does today hold for me?” – and pick a random rune. Then study what the rune means from the chart in the rune set. But, don’t stop there. Reflect on the current occurrences and try to think of what it could mean for you, in your specific situation. It would be best to take some notes. Then, after the day passes, reflect on what happened, and how you can relate those situations to your rune reading. Take some notes and compare them daily to get a better insight into rune divination, your life, and your closest future.

The Cast Of Three

Place the runes in front of you in random order. Close your eyes, and take a few more deep breaths. Then, place your hand in front of you, and feel the energy flowing around you. Choose a rune that you are most drawn to. Then open our eyes to see the rune. Place the rune in front of you, on your left side. Close your eyes again. Take a few more deep breaths and repeat the same process until you choose three runes. Set the second next to the first rune, from the right, and the third rune next to the second rune, on its right. Now open your eyes. The runes in front of you represent answers to three major problems, issues, or situations in general in your life:

  • The first rune - Is an answer to your past.

  • The second rune - Is an answer to your present.

  • The third rune - Represents an answer to what there is yet to come.

The Nine Cast

In Norse mythology, nine represented a magical number, and having a runic cast of nine is a special reading that can help you determine where exactly are you on your spiritual path in life. Here is how to do it:

  • Close your eyes and pick 9 runes from your rune bag.

  • Place a cloth on the surface in front of you.

  • Then throw the runes on the cloth.

  • First of all, take note of all the runes that have faced with the rune upwards. There are the most important ones since they represent something you need to pay close attention to - something in front of you that you have been overlooking. Then take note as to where the runes are. Those closer to the middle of the cloth are the ones that are the ones referring to the present moment, while the ones on the sides are the ones representing possible future or past influences. Runes that are close to each other or touching are usually chained events.

  • Next, turn over the runes facing downwards and note their meanings. Make sure you note where they placed, which runes they touched. These usually represent subtler, almost hidden traits or events that were or will take effect.

Ask A Question

Another great way for all you newbies in runic divination is to think of questions before you do the reading. Start off by writing down a few questions that you have. Then take a look at the questions. If they are too generic, you have to start to formulate them to be more specific. The more details, the more specific the questions – the better your reading will go. Then, start by focusing on the first question. Close your eyes and choose a rune that you feel like you are drawn to the most. Then open your eyes and check the chart for its meaning. Repeat until you are done with all your questions.


We are hope you found these tips helpful!



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