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4 Astrological Events You Don't Wanna Miss This July

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 02 2020

This July, we’re tying up loose ends as Mercury and Venus, previously retrograde, are now opening up new perspectives on old problems during their direct motion. While Saturn retrograde in Capricorn reminds us that a little effort will go a long way, the Sun in Leo is on the search for fun. How will we integrate more of our past experiences this month, while also taking advantage of the joyful summer days? 

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn: July 1

From December 2017 to March 2020, time lord Saturn has been moving through his home sign Capricorn, teaching us all about hard work, patience, and responsibility. If we thought that life is easy before this transit, we might’ve been pressed to reconsider. Responsibilities and challenges at work or at home have pushed us to become more organized, structured, and confident in our ability to face limitations and follow long-term goals. The end of this transit brought the beginning of a pandemic that turned life around for many of us and made as many gain awareness about our limited time here on Earth.

From July 1 to December 17, Saturn moves through the last five degrees of Capricorn, the degrees he’s previously visited in February and March this year.

Until the end of 2020, we can expect issues linked to work, responsibility, duty, limitation, hard work and self-discipline to be revisited.

It’s a window of time when we’re supported to reflect, then to take steps for changing the parts of our life that no longer reflect our values, our priorities, and our authentic self, whether it’s an unhealthy habit, a draining attachment or a soul-sucking job. Remember the circumstances of your life during February and March this year and notice if anything from that time resurfaces in the following months. Firm boundaries, self-accountability, self-discipline- while staying mindful to balance them out with a measure of gentleness and compassion- will be our allies during the next period.

On a global level, we could see a continuation of workforce reduction or reorganization, with many companies facing the results of these past months as they’re prompted to find sustainable long-term solutions. As a collective, we’re dealing with the outcomes of restriction, challenge, and loss - three major Saturnian themes- and called to find our strength in the middle of it all. Search for the house where you have the last degrees of Capricorn in your natal chart. This is the area where Saturn wants you to show up as your strongest, most authentic self at this time.

Mercury Direct: July 12

From June 18 to July 12, Mercury retrograde in Cancer has been calling us back home in different ways: through childhood memories, family visits, nostalgia, or closeness with people who served as our nurturers at a point in our lives.

Between July 11 and 13, important events or insights could take place linked to family, childhood memories and conditioning, our physical home, and our inner sense of safety. Stay mindful of the thoughts and emotions that arise for you at this time and see how they link to what has been resurfacing in your life in the past month.

Mercury in Cancer is about remembering and forgiving, going within to gain awareness of our needs, and then expressing them to others. Starting from July 12, we will be clearer about what we need from others and how we can ask for it, while also being aware that we’re responsible for our own feelings. If some of us have taken steps to heal a strained family relationship, finding common ground will be easier after Mercury goes direct.

We could get the feeling that we’ve integrated old experiences and tied up some emotional loose ends, ready to move forward with more empathy and gentleness for ourselves and for others. Until July 26, we’ll keep processing the past month’s experiences and perhaps choosing differently. Starting from August, we’ll be moving on for good after Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow.

Mars Conjunct Chiron In Aries: July 14

From about July 7 to 17, wounded healer Chiron will be stationing towards retrograde in quick-tempered Aries.

Chiron represents the parts of us that we’ve exiled as a result of past hurtful experience and his transits serve as reminders that those parts are still there, in need of our attention and love. Especially on the 14th, when Chiron conjuncts fiery Mars, we could be easily hurt by people who undermine our freedom or our authority. Tempers might flare and heated debates might be unavoidable. If you find yourself reacting impulsively from a place of pain and anger, think of a similar situation in the past (perhaps in your childhood) that might’ve opened that wound.

Aries is a confident, spontaneous sign who loves to take risks and break the mold. A wounded Aries might have not been allowed to speak up, to express their sadness or anger, to act based on their intuition, or to explore their sexuality.

They might feel like others are always against them. If this is relatable, ask yourself what part of you was exiled to please others and to avoid suffering- perhaps your spontaneous, passionate, or confident self- and talk to it, asking what it needs to feel safe enough for finding expression in the outer world again.

The Sun In Leo: July 22

We’re breaking free from this summer’s eclipses through a festive Leo season:  it’s that month of the year when the sun is up, good vibes are in the air and we’re letting go of troubles to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment.

This can take many forms: a holiday, more time spent with friends or more passion invested in the things that bring us happiness and pleasure. This summer, let’s find the things that spark joy!

Things will start slowly, since the first week of this year’s Leo season (around July 22-29) still carries the lingering effects of the Cancer New Moon, so don’t be surprised if you’re a little moody or if summer isn’t as fun as it should be- we’re building up towards it.

The first week of August will bring a fresh wave of energy as the Sun forms a harmonious aspect with confident Mars in Aries, making it a great time for fun, games, and romance, perhaps even with a side of unconventionality as eccentric Uranus is squaring the Sun. This bold, confident energy keeps being active past mid-August, supporting us to take risks and to speak confidently from the heart.

Physical movement will also be essential during this Leo season- we’ll need an outlet for all this fiery energy! Enjoy your fun and your movement of choice and allow yourself to be led by your heart as you follow your passion wherever it might lead you.

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