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4 Astro Events You Don’t Wanna Miss Out This August

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 10 2020

Mercury and Venus, the two planets that have been wandering back through the skies for the past months, have finally left their retrograde shadows and they’re entering fresh territories in August. This means that the communication and relationship issues that we’ve been revisiting lately are finally wrapping up and allowing for a new kind of growth to emerge. Growth and change will be the keywords of this month as rebellious Uranus stations towards retrograde, tempered by a cautious, analytical Virgo Sun. Let’s find out more!

Mercury In Leo: August 4- August 19

Mercury, the planet of communication and rational thought, has been on an extended vacation in intuitive Cancer since May 28, allowing softness, subjectivity and nostalgia to slip into our thoughts and words. Starting from the 4th, Mercury in exuberant Leo brings a new type of energy - confident, expressive and self-oriented- to the way we communicate.We could feel this shift as an emotional release, gaining more ease in expressing our thoughts and feelings to others after two months of processing the past.

Mercury in Leo is all about the self: what I think, what I express, what I decide. It's a time for putting ourselves first and believing in our right to take space and to speak our minds. Many of us could do so in a creative, dramatic way, honoring the flair and the creativity of this royal sign. Around the 10th, we could tend to be more abrupt or self-righteous in conversations, possibly out of a desire to be listened to, validated and appreciated. It helps to see old demons from a new perspective at this time. Around the 17th, we're supported to act upon our thoughts and to express ourselves assertively. A creative idea can easily be put into practice. If arguments arise, we've got the confidence to stand our ground.

Venus In Cancer: August 7- September 6

Mercury isn’t the only planet that is shifting gears this month. After an extended transit through Gemini, where she’s been moving forward and backward since April, beauty-loving Venus enters the homely sign of Cancer. Since April, the focus in our relationships has been on friendly banter, mutual learning and fun, all in the context of revising our most important connections and the way we communicate with others and with ourselves. In the following month, Venus takes our relationships to the next level by deepening emotions, encouraging vulnerability and supporting deep conversations. With Venus in Cancer, emotions and needs come first, so we’re likely to feel more sensitive, but also more nurturing with close ones in the following month.

Expressing our needs, setting boundaries and taking care of our inner child will allow us to show up in a more empathetic, loving way with those around us as well. What makes you feel cozy, safe and nurtured? How can you provide these things to yourself and also ask for them in your closest relationships? In August, we’ll prefer to spend time with family or with our circle of close friends instead of looking for new connections. We could notice a focus on tradition, community and femininity as we’re supported to come together and to honor our sensitive side.

On the 18th, it’s a great time to meet with your tribe or to do something out of the ordinary with friends or family. Around the 25th, it’s good to stay mindful if you tend to give too much in your close relationships. A person who seems to be very different from you could have something to teach you about setting boundaries. Around the 27th, we’ll be wearing our rose-colored glasses to escape reality with a healthy dose of fantasy and romance (the same rules about setting boundaries applies), while the 30th could bring up old relationship wounds that need a little processing before we can move o

Uranus Retrograde: August 15- January 14, 2021

Sky god Uranus spends about half the time in retrograde motion, so this is an astrological event that impacts us more on a large-scale level than on a personal one. At the same time, the period when Uranus stations towards retrograde, from about August 10 to August 25, can bring unexpected shifts and surprises in our life, especially for those of us with planets or important points around the 10th degree of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, change, innovation and divine insight. When he goes retrograde, our impulses towards change and growth are turned inwards, bringing buried emotions or thoughts to the surface of our consciousness and prompting us to foster change in ourselves before it manifests in the outer world. 

At the same time, when Uranus stations, exterior events tend to follow. From August 10 to August 25, we could witness a new wave of protests, new solutions to old problems, technological innovations and general unrest about the status quo. Many of us will be itching for something to change. Perspective shifts, adaptability and a willingness to choose change consciously will help us navigate these two weeks

Since Uranus is in the earthly sign of Taurus, we could notice shifts especially in the area of finances, resources, work and skills, values and priorities. These shifts could be small (and possibly uncomfortable) steps in the long-term process of redefining our relationship with the natural world and with the structures in our lives.

Sun in Virgo: August 22- September 22

Virgo season is a time of harvest and dissemination. As summer comes to an end, the happy-go-lucky Leo vibe changes into a more reserved, down-to-earth type of energy that prompts us to focus on the practical side of life. Until September 22, we’ll be organizing our space, our work, our routines and our health habits, keeping things efficient and clean in the search of a perfection best found in simplicity.

Alongside simplicity, devotion is another keyword for this industrious, analytical sign. Whatever we undertake during Virgo season is best approached with caution, good planning, realism and intrinsic motivation- doing something not for the possible rewards, but because the process in itself is an achievement if we’re dedicated to our work.

This work can take different shapes, from daily responsibilities to personal goals and projects. If you’ve been looking for the right time to make a change in your diet or exercise routine, the start of September will support you with the perfect type of energy. Around September 9, stay open to work opportunities that can promote professional and material growth, while keeping your feet on the ground and rooting your excitement with a bit of good planning. The week from September 13 to September 19 supports us with a steady type of energy that we can use for organizing the practical side of our lives, as well as for learning and research. 

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