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4 Astro Changes In February You Don't Wanna Miss

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on February 04 2020

Dear readers, after a hardcore start to 2020, February brings softer vibes while simultaneously challenging us to keep investing energy in what matters to us. Venus and Mars, the planets of relationship, occupying cardinal signs Aries and Capricorn will prompt us to find a middle ground between passion and responsibility, while Mercury retrograde in Pisces and Jupiter’s sextile with Neptune will make it a dreamy, albeit confusing month. Read below to find out more!

1.Venus in Aries: February 7- March 4

If Venus in Pisces has been softening the edges of our relationships and our pleasures in the past month, her transit through Aries will be a total change of pace! In this fiery sign, love goddess Venus is spontaneous, passionate and direct. It will be easier to speak our minds in close relationships, making our desires known and fighting for what we want, with the risk of seeming childish or self-centered. Compromise isn’t a path that many of us will take this month; “my way or the highway” is Venus in Aries’ version of searching for the middle ground. 

When it comes to love, this is not a month for keeping the same old routines; do something new, refresh your connection, take a risk. Impetuousness can fuel the way we handle money, material things and pleasure as well, but there is also the joy and the passion of a new beginning! This is a month to follow your instinct and your desires, to pursue and to be pursued, to play the game of love (and win), while also keeping in mind the other side of the Aries coin: Libra, the symbol of balance, compromise and partnership. 

2. Mars in Capricorn: February 16-March 30

Starting from February 16, warrior Mars will help us direct most of our energy towards achieving our goals. Joining Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in the ambitious sign of Capricorn, he will intensify the quest for discipline, maturity, responsibility, and success that we’ve been on in the past couple of years. Expect a lot of work, but also the drive to stay in the game and to reap the rewards of your efforts! This transit will prompt many of us to be our own bosses and to take initiative when it comes to our career path, even if that means colliding with authority figures with a different agenda. 

Whatever you’re working on during this time, expect some challenges and don’t be afraid to deal with them head-on. The results will be worth it, even if, in a typical Capricorn style, they might take a while to manifest. Break your goals into smaller goals, arm yourself with patience and dedicate yourself fully to your purpose, while also remembering to take breathers and to be gentle with yourself during this highly ambitious phase.

3. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: February 16-March 9

Does this sound familiar? Just like last spring’s Mercury retrograde, this season also takes place in the dreamy sign of Pisces. Expect communication to be vague at best and downright confusing at worst, while staying mindful of the usual Mercury retro mix-ups when it comes to technology, e-mails, documents, transport or commerce. The first part of February might be a good time to back up your data and to arrange the last details of projects or trips before March 9. After that, sit back and enjoy the ride! 

Mercury retrograde in Pisces is a great time for poetry, music, movies, photography, dreamwork, and meditation, so allow yourself enough downtime to relax and to recharge in the middle of life’s pressures. You could re-encounter classmates, friends or relatives from your past or you could revise old projects, this time with a creative twist. No matter what happens, the best approach for this period is to find ways to surrender- through a feeling, a prayer, a moment of relaxation or deep connection.

4. Jupiter sextile Neptune: February 20

This is an important aspect for 2020, one that speaks about hope, opportunity and practical magic. Around February 20, be on the lookout for opportunities that might help you in your career, bringing you closer to your dreams and ambitions. If things have been unclear in 2019, expect positive changes this year! However, it won’t come without a cost, as Jupiter in hard-working Capricorn calls us to make our best efforts at this time.

Beyond the practical realm, the Jupiter-Neptune sextile is also a great aspect for anything related to dreams, beliefs, spirituality, and compassion, so use this soft energy to be generous, to send out good thoughts, to dream, to connect and to breathe abundance in and out. Find that growing wave of belief that the Universe has your back and ride it until the end!

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