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Step 4 - 3 Must Know Crystal Grid Patterns

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 26 2019

Grids underpin our world. They are found throughout nature: in the perfect spiral of a sunflower or a pinecone; in the precise curves of an ammonite; in the cells of the honeycomb; or the hidden beauty of a snowflake. They are the internal lattice structure of a crystal-and the human body. Functioning rather like cosmic glue, grids support the visible and invisible worlds. In Drunvalo Melchizedek’s words, they are “the architecture of the universe. And, once you begin to look for them, you’ll see them everywhere.

Judy Hall, The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids: Transform Your Life Using the Power of Crystals and Layouts

Hello Gorgeous!

Are you ready to finish our crash course in building crystal grids? As the last and one of the most important parts of building and healing with crystal grids, we want to share with you why the patterns on which crystal grids are placed are equally important as the crystals that build the crystal grid.

As you already know crystal grids have a pattern laid out for you, helping you to place crystals in the right position to enhance their power. Even though crystals by themselves are powerful, and plenty to choose from, crystal grids are more effective because you can direct the power of multiple crystals towards one goal.

However, that wouldn’t be possible if you don’t place them in the right place so that each energy from each crystal is enhanced and transformed into a new, more powerful and more unique vibe. That’s why crystal grid patterns are needed – to show us how to place the crystals for the most optimal energy flow. Crystal grid patterns are not simply random symmetrical pathways that some random artists created on a whim. In fact, crystal grid patterns are patterns that come from Sacred Geometry, and in a way, they are incorporated into every living being.

What Is Sacred Geometry?

In the past, when Pythagoras was learning and inventing mathematical equations, he came upon the conclusion that everything is connected. For him, everything in nature moved, from the smallest atoms to the planets based on mathematical equations and laws. He even theorized that those very mathematical equations correspond to musical notes, which then transform into an inaudible symphony.

And although his teachings might seem strange, they are not that farfetched. Today, we have discovered fractals, which are the scientific term for geometrical figures that repeat themselves into every part from which a fractal consists. In a way, the more we explore and learn, we find patterns in nature that keep repeating themselves on a microscopic and macroscopic scale in nature.

Sacred geometry is the belief that these patterns hold special power, they are sacred because they are the building plans on which the building blocks of nature stand, and create reality. Specifically in crystal healing, when crystals are placed on a specific sacred geometry pattern, that pattern helps the crystals to resonate on both ends – microscopic and macroscopic. On a microscopic level, the sacred geometry pattern strengthens and stabilizes the energy output of the crystals in the crystal grid. On a macroscopic level, the energy of the crystals resonates with the life force of the Universe, thus locking the crystals into a process of energy enhancement and energy attraction.

Top 3 Crystal Grid Patterns:

If you are wondering which crystal grid patterns you should look out for, and use as a beginner, then we wholeheartedly recommend to use any of these:

1. Flower Of Life Grid

One of the most mysterious and oldest symbols of sacred geometry is the Flower Of Life, and yet one that holds so much power. In whichever civilization you take a look, in any part of the world, the Flower Of Life symbol keeps popping out. The pattern is also found in many crystals and keeps repeating itself on micro and macro scales like every symbol of sacred geometry. The Flower Of Life Crystal Grid symbolizes the connection between what was, what is and what will ever be.

2. Seed Of Life Grid

In the past, Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated by patterns. Often it is said that he was so obsessed with observing the Flower Of Life pattern, that he got inspired and created the Seed Of Life grid. As a pattern inspired by the Flower Of Life, the Seed Of Life is also a very powerful crystal grid pattern. It’s a well-known symbol for creation, and it’s often used when creating crystal grid patterns that help us on our inwards journey, and healing aspects of ourselves.

3. Metatron Grid

And last but not least, we recommend to check out the Metatron Grid. The Metatron grid is named after the Archangel Metatron, who is known as the Scribe Of God. This grid is also known as the Metatron Cube, and it’s a well-known pattern that balances the flow of energy in the entire Universe. In fact, the Metatron Cube contains all of the other patterns within itself, and it’s also believed to contain all the building blocks of the Universe itself. It’s a very powerful crystal grid, that can bring balance, harmony, loving energy and protection and even help you create your own damn magic!

Now that you have all the basics for crystal grids, we recommend to check out a few books to truly master crystal grids! Here is a list of the best Crystal Grids books that we simply adore! Let us know if you liked them!



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