Word Of The Week – Tumbled Crystals

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 05 2019

One of the most commonly used shapes of crystals for crystal healing are tumbled crystal stones. Tiny, but mighty, they are an excellent choice whether you have just started your crystal healing adventures, or you have been creating your own magic with the help of crystals for a while. However, you must have noticed that there are a lot of other shapes of crystals everywhere you turn.

And you begin to wonder whether you have chosen well with the tumbled crystals, or you made a major mistake and should have invested a couple of more bucks in bigger shapes. The truth is, it all depends on what you use your crystals for. Here is what you should know about Tumbled Crystals and for what to use them:

The Magic Of Tumbled Crystals

Tumbled Crystals are made by polishing rough minerals from Mother Earth. Shimmering, tiny and eye-catchy, they are simply a love on first sight for lovers of crystal healing. And even if you aren’t into crystal healing, they are excellent materials for decorating your home.

Stepping Stones Into Crystal Healing

But, for all of you crystal healing lovers that want to create your own damn magic, tumbled stones are the first stepping stone when entering the crystal healing world. There are so many crystals out there, that it’s simply impossible to learn everything about crystal healing by just reading about the crystals.

The easiest way to start your crystal healing journey is to get to know your crystals and work with them, feel their vibes, and program them with your intentions. After all, even though crystals always help enhance high-frequency vibes, there will always be some crystals that you connect best with. And tumbled stones will help you get to know the crystal healing world, the best, because they are excellent beginner stones.

Affordable Yet Effective

Speaking of finding the stones you vibe with most, there are a lot of crystals out there. Imagine if you bought the bigger, more expensive shapes of crystals without knowing what you need, or whether that crystal will work for you.

Tumbled stones are excellent and affordable way to test out all of the crystals in the crystal healing world, before you use the bigger shapes to become a crystal healing goddess.

Building Crystal Grids

Although you can use each crystal from the crystal healing world individually, sometimes you need a bigger boost. After all, we are all such amazing unique people, that we all have different goals, sometimes never before heard of.

So, how can one crystal help you achieve something that has never been done before? It can’t. That’s where Crystal Grids come into play. When you use the power of sacred geometry combined with the right crystals frequencies – there isn’t anything in the world that you can’t achieve! And tumbled stones are excellent for building crystal grids.

Tiny But Mighty

Who said that the blissful energy of the high-frequency vibes you share with you crystals is reserved for your crystal healing sessions only? Tumbled stones are tiny enough to bring them with you – in your pocket, bra, as a necklace, keychain, anything that you can imagine. And you are not only bringing the tumbled stones, you are also bringing the vibes with you!

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