Word of the Week - Self Love

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 30 2018

The everyday stress can be overwhelming. But still, in that busy schedule, you get up, and you fight. You fight for the things and people you love. But, do you ever stop and think about yourself? Are you fighting for yourself? And if not, does that mean that you don't love yourself? Because, if you don't give yourself the self-love you deserve, how can you receive love at all? Maybe you are thinking that it's selfish to spend time for yourself. But, if you aren't around to fight for the people you love, and if you don't take good care of yourself, who will? And lastly, how can you use the Law of Attraction, and create magic, if you think you are unworthy of it?

Is self-love narcissistic?

No, not at all! Self-love is about taking good care of yourself and having healthy self-respect for yourself. It's not about thinking you are better than everyone else in the world. Self-love is about becoming better than the person you were yesterday. Because everything changes at every moment in time, so why not change for the better?

It's true, the Law of Attraction works all the time, but only if you work on yourself. Because you, dear reader are the very center of it all. You are worthy of love. You should love yourself. And you are the one that sends out vibrations. And if you can't do that one simple courtesy of acknowledging yourself and loving yourself, the Law of Attraction will never work to your advantage. 

You are the beginning and the end.
So, accept yourself. Love yourself. Acknowledge yourself and your worth.
And above all else, grow beyond anything you imagined.
Become the magic you believe in.

Because you are magical, worthy of love and an extraordinary person. We know it, so it's time for you to know it as well!

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