Word Of The Week – Pillar Candles

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 13 2019

Candles are one of the best tools for manifesting. This is because candles embody all five elements of nature which make them perfect for intention setting and manifesting. However, different types of candles have different uses and properties. The most commonly used candles for manifestation and candle magic are pillar candles. Because they are both practical and usually preset with an intention, they are also the easiest ones to use in your candle magic endeavors. Here are a few pillar candle types:

Chakra Pillars With Pre-Set Intention

These chakra pillars are devoted to restoring balance to the chakras in your body. They come as a set or you can purchase a candle pillar candle individually if you want to focus on one chakra specifically. Each pillar is devoted to a chakra in your body, with wax color that represents that specific chakra, with an intention preset into the candle itself, and a special blend of essential oils to help you more easily connect with the intended chakra. They are the easiest to use because everything is preset for you – all you have to do is devote time to focus on balancing your chakra and the intention set in the candle.

Basic Chakra Pillars

These chakra pillars are also devoted to restoring balance to the chakras in your body. However, these pillars usually come as one candle, with different types of wax set in order or the chakras. These pillars don’t come with a preset intention. They are meant to be used in candle focus meditation in which you focus and work on each chakra in the order of burning of the chakra wax of the candle. These are a bit more advanced to use because you will be setting intentions and focusing on each chakra on your own as the candle wax burns.

Reiki Herbal Pillars

The Reiki herbal pillars are the best candles for manifesting and the easiest ones to use. Each Reiki herbal pillar is created for a very specific purpose and comes with a preset intention. Whichever energy you want to attract in your life, or a goal that you want to achieve – there is a Reiki herbal pillar candle for it.

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