Who You Should Marry, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on November 12 2019

Have you ever noticed that you have a deeper connection with some signs but feel completely repelled by others? Or, have you ever met someone with serious soulmate material but after a couple of blissful weeks, they moved into worst enemy status?

Even better, perhaps when you list all of your ex’s birthdays you see some sometimes alarming similarities? Well, there is an explanation for that! Your Astrological sign has a deep impact on who you attract, who you just date and the type of person you will likely marry. Imagine this, your Astrological Natal Chart is like an energetic signature specific and unique to you, with your Sun Sign (most commonly referred to as just your Sign), radiating the core of your identity. Your sign gives insight into your key values, desires, triggers and so much more.

It is also like a giant energetic magnet that attracts, repels, or has complete indifference towards other signs. This is why you might feel so moved to be around some special folks but not so many others. This is especially clear when it comes to marriage. Because we love to provide you with life-changing insight, we have compiled not only your best astrological match but also what you can do to ensure happily ever after. To help you find further guidance in your life, astrology tips, and rituals with our magical tribe sign up for the Magic Circle Meditation Fridays which are by donation with our founder Shereen Campbell! Read for your sign below.


For you, Aries, you might feel like no one gets you quite like a Sagittarius. This is because they bring the same amount of energy, passion, and adventure to life as you do. You need to be with someone who can keep up with you! Your spouse needs to be ready for impromptu adventures, exploring new places, and keeping it spicy when it’s bedtime.

They also must understand and accept your general approach to life, you need to be in control, sometimes short attention span and ability to go from zero to 100 real quick. You can keep this relationship going strong by exploring new things. Travel, eat well, treat life as an adventure in your marriage and your fire won’t ever go out. Leo and Libra also make magical marriage prospects for you. Libra will keep you balanced and Leo will keep you on their toes with their over the top adventures.


Marrying a Virgo makes a lot of sense, Taurus. You appreciate slow and steady, consistent and patient when it comes to love and partnership and a Virgo brings all of these traits and more. Virgos are stable, dependable, and meticulous AF.

They will aim to show up as the best lover you could ask for and will always strive to create a comfortable home for you to share. Keep your relationship on the up and up by not allowing your Virgo spouse’s perfectionist spirit to get on your nerves. When they get too nitpicky, make them a cup of tea and let them vent about what’s really on their mind.

Also, remember to do your share of chores. Nothing pisses off a Virgo more than a messy home. Good thing you agree. Lastly, Capricorn and Scorpio could swell options for you as well. Capricorn understands the finer things in life and Scorpio brings out your shadow and inner freak.


Your attention requires quite the effort to keep, Gemini. This is why your absolute best marriage partner is a Libra. As a fellow air sign, they get your need to talk, debate, discuss and share information and will happily participate. Communication is not only necessary for you, but it’s also just plain sexy. A Libra will stimulate your mind by sharing stories of their adventures which you will enjoy greatly.

They’ve always got people to see and places to go and if you are free, will happily bring you along. If you’re not, they have no worries and will just tell you all about it later. You need to be with someone who has a life of their own and not solely dependent on you for their entertainment. This will allow you the independence to explore whatever your mind wishes at that moment and then have a partner to share all your new learnings.

Keep this partnership strong by making sure you busy bees carve out time to just do things together as a couple, learning new things about each other and always have things to talk about. Aquarius and Sagittarius could also be great matches for you, Gemini. Aquarius will keep your intellectually stimulated and Sagittarius will keep a marriage fresh by making your life together a giant adventure.


If you had to choose three qualities that your spouse has to have, Cancer, they would be caring, loyal and considerate. With these qualities in mind, the best sign for you to marry is Pisces. You will appreciate how nurturing, loyal and sensitive a Pisces can be, especially when they are in love. They will anticipate your desires, sweeping you off your feet with enough charm to make anyone melt.

Even more important, they understand the depth of your emotions as they also possess the same magnitude of feelings as you. You will be safe freely expressing your deepest anxieties and fears. Pisces will patiently listen and coax you deeper. Kindness is the key to keeping this union blissful. Through putting kindness front and center, you will keep that bubble of safety within your relationship giving you a sacred place to forever call home.

Just because Pisces is a magical match for you, Cancer, don’t count Capricorn and Scorpio out of the running just yet. Capricorn brings balance to your life through stability when you feel like falling apart. They will protect your honor and your home until death does you part. Scorpio will happily journey to the darkest depths to help you shine your light as bright as a diamond.


You are the star of your life, Leo, and Sagittarius will be exactly the type of spouse who will worship every inch of your being cheering you on every single step of the way. They will happily join you on all of your adventures, applaud your successes and comfort your failures.

They will plan romantic trysts and keep you excited at every moment. You can rely on their fun, free-spirited ways. You will appreciate how easily they roll with the punches and their desire to learn and explore. Never stop going on adventures to keep this relationship happy. You both need lots of stimulation to keep interested. Plan lots of activities, dinners at new places and trips and you will be sure to never get bored. Aries or Aquarius could prove to also be magical matches for you. Aries has the stamina to keep pace with you, and Aquarius thinks out of the box, always pushing you to new heights in and out of the bedroom.


You need a spouse who will understand your perfectionist ways. One that knows that you point the little things out of love, not just to nitpick. This is why your top match is Taurus. A Taurus lover shares the same values with you while being grounded, dependable and consistent. They will also be quite sensual and seductive, charming and pampering you exactly the way you like it.

You both appreciate staying in on a rainy night cuddling while watching a movie. You both love takeout from a super nice restaurant and luxurious sheets. Keeping the romance flowing is as easy as honest communication.

You both need to feel stable in your relationship and clear, open and loving communication encourages this. A Capricorn or Pisces spouse could also bring a good fit for you, Virgo. Capricorn will wine and dine you into old age, and Pisces will always understand your feelings before you even know you had them.


You are always looking for balance, Libra and this definitely does not exclude your expectations for your spouse. You need one part dashing, one part nerd, and one part seducer, all rolled up into one human being. It’s a good thing, Gemini can be all of that and more. Their love for sharing information stimulates your inner nerd and turns you on.

They also know when to give you time to yourself and are confident enough to hang back while you get your shine on. Plus, they know how to balance stimulating your mind and body, alternating at a tantalizing pace. Keep your marriage lively with your Gemini love by balancing separate, active social lives with a couple of adventures. You both need the freedom to explore life on your own sometimes, even if that’s only so you can have something new to share with your lover at the end of the night. Aries or Aquarius could also make exciting marriage prospects. Aries, your opposite will bring adventure to your life, always finding new places, people, and things for you to do. Aquarius will push you to become the best version of yourself by always suggesting new ways for you to grow.


When looking for a mate, it’s imperative you choose someone who is willing to travel down to the dark, murky depth of your soul with you, Scorpio. Marriage is to be the deepest, closest relationship in your life and with that comes being able to face each other’s shadows together. Pisces will bring a picnic and a flashlight for this journey as your spouse.

Your Pisces lover will cheer you on, push you to swim deeper and pull you out of the darkness if needed. You will appreciate how they always sense when something is up with you and how calmly they listen without judgment to your fears. To you, there is something ethereal about them. You are pulled like a magnet. Keep this union happy by getting comfortable going deeper and deeper with your love.

If you end up on the surface too long, you both will lose a bit of interest as you prefer leaving the superficial to small talk. A Cancer or Taurus could also make magical love matches for you, Scorpio. Cancer won’t run away when you get in your feelings because they get in their feelings too. Taurus will become your anchor while you dive deep and explore both of your souls.


You were born an explorer, you NEED to explore places, people, ideas, anything, and everything. Your partner in love must not only understand this part of you, but they must also be willing to explore with you. Aries is the one for you because of this. An Aries spouse will help you navigate and sometimes even help you plan adventures you haven’t even thought of yet.

They will match your energy and stamina as well as your pure excitement for life. They will cheer you up when you’re feeling down, not being afraid to get silly just to make you laugh again. Plus they are completely open to trying anything at least once, giving you plenty of ways to make fireworks. The best way to keep this relationship on track for happily ever after is to keep exploring.

Plan adventures and time to play together. Laughing until your bellies hurt to keep the love flowing. Two other matches with magical potential are Leo and Gemini. Leo will happily try everything once with you which will keep both of you committed. Gemini will be your number one confidant, always willing to talk to you about anything and everything.


Everyone knows you are conservative, Capricorn, but conservative does not mean boring. And, you do not want a boring marriage. You need a partner who values an extraordinary lifestyle. Lucky for you, a Taurus wants the very same thing. You share many of the same values and appreciate the finer things in life. You will adore your Taurus lover’s stability and dependability.

Your Taurus love will be supportive of your career and how hard work is important for your success. Plus, they will be the ones to make sure you’re eating well so you can continue taking over the world. Keep this lovely union lovely by making sure to balance work with play, Capricorn. Even the most patient won’t love you the same if they never see you.

Outside of Taurus, Virgo or Cancer could also make a healthy marriage. Virgo will help you keep your life orderly and efficient, which makes it easier for you to focus on your work when you need it. Cancer will nurture your needs and listen to your desires, also being ready to give you a hug even before you realized you needed one.


You thrive on the weird, extraordinary and out of the box. It should be no surprise that your spouse will be key to keeping this part of yourself shining. You need someone who’s not only open-minded to your antics but is also happy to go along for the ride. Gemini is suited to not only tag along on any journey you want to take but will also bring the banter that keeping your mind going like the energizer bunny.

They will encourage your shine, bringing the missing bits of information you didn’t realize you need until the most magical time. You will appreciate their sense of independence because you hate to feel overly obligated. They will have their own friends, hobbies, and interests which makes that much more intriguing to you. They will love how on their toes you keep them.

The best way to keep this marriage going strong will be to ensure a proper balance between you as a couple time and you as individual time. You both need to recharge in your own element to be fully whole but you must be sure that you also dedicate time to each other as well. Libra and Leo could also make great spouses.

Libra is all about intellectual stimulation and has no problems giving you the space you need when you need it. Leo loves anything extraordinary, the more festivities you provide, the better. A Leo will appreciate being with someone who marches to the beat of their own drum as long as you don’t dull their shine.


You want a marriage that can not only feed your soul but can also feed your body, Pisces. Few signs can help you do both, but Scorpio is absolutely one of the few who can. You wish for a magical love, a marriage that is not bound by time or place and maybe only exists in fairytales. You will love Scorpio’s desire to bring you as close to that as humanly possible.

A Scorpio yearns to discover all aspects of you; mind, body, and soul, which is exactly what you need. You will appreciate Scorpio’s depth and ability to get right to the heart of things rapidly. They will help you uncover parts of yourself that you never knew existed and you will happily return the favor. You will grow to know each other deeper than any others before.

Your love is one of the magic books, filled with enchantment. Keep this love growing by making sure you come up for air every once in a while. Staying in the depths all the time can get exhausting without a proper break. Be sure to add some fun and lightheartedness to break up slaying your shadows together. Other great matches for you are Cancer and Virgo. Cancer will listen to your deepest desires with patience and respect.

They will care for you as deeply as they care for themselves. Virgo will bring discipline, order, and efficiency to your home and life. Pisces appreciates this because even they know when those rose-colored glasses come off things aren’t always tidy.

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