Word Of The Week - Inner Strength

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 08 2020

Everybody wants to be stronger, better, and more resilient. We all want to have the inner strength to persevere through everything life has to throw at us. However, although we all wish for inner strength a lot of us have so many misconceptions at what inner strength is. Just ask three of your closest loved ones and we are pretty sure that they will give you different opinions on the matter, yet they will all hold the same core – to persevere in life. So, what truly is inner strength?

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

Maya Angelou

What Is The Meaning Of Inner Strength?

Whichever definition you look at we all come back to the same thing – inner strength is the ability to persevere in life, no matter what life throws at you. And there is no one way to do so. What drives one’s inner strength might be completely different for someone else. But for us, the deepest inner strength one can develop that drives you in life is opening yourself up to unconditional love.

Only through understanding that love is the only place we come from and go to, can you nourish your inner world, make it strong, and always walk the right path in life.

No matter what kind of challenges or difficulties or painful situations you go through in your life, we all have something deep within us that we can reach down and find the inner strength to get through them.

Alana Stewart

Because love, true, beautiful unconditional love is the only way to find your way towards the truth, and what’s right. Our thoughts, our emotions they cause, they are all only temporary, and no matter how much thought can fuel inner strength, eventually, it will weaken or crumble. But, when love nourishes your inner world, you will always remain strong, and you will always persevere.

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