Word Of The Week - Self-Acceptance

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 02 2020

You are beautiful no matter what your mind tells you. That is a fact. You don’t have to do anything because you already have all the beauty you need.

Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Love

Although we have all these technological advances, and we are constantly evolving, and going further than we have been ever before, in reality, most of us are going backward in the field of personal development. So, why exactly does this happen? Why do we go backward, when we are supposed to go forward? The truth is that there are two sides to living the modern life.

From one side, we are much better off than our ancestors, we can heal so many diseases, we can create the unimaginable from their perspective, and we have the comfort that not even kings and queens had. However, with all the technology and comfort around, along with the positive stuff we also get an easy escape from the scariest place, there is – ourselves. And as we hide, behind social media and behind autopilot mode, we lose the ability to build a relationship with ourselves, to know ourselves and to accept ourselves. And that hinders our ability to create our own damn magic!

What Is Self-Acceptance?

Self-acceptance is the courage to stop all the BS, stop all the thought processes that keep you away from seeing yourself in a true light, all the good and the bad, and accept all parts of yourself wholeheartedly. No more excuses, no more blaming others for your misfortunes, no more self-judgment, or being harsh on yourself for no reason – simply observing every part of yourself, getting to know each and everyone, and accept yourself with all the good and quirky parts of yourself.

And this should be easy and come naturally to us, however because of the level of estrangement we have because of constantly escaping reality, escaping for ourselves and constantly working against ourselves unconsciously we might as well be strangers to ourselves.

Through true knowledge of yourself, and accepting yourself as you are you can truly see which parts of you no longer serve you, which parts of you need healing, and which parts of you are good and need nurturing. That’s the very first step towards self-love, and self-love paints the map for creating your own damn magic in your life.

3 Tips For Accepting Yourself

Because we understand that self-acceptance can be really hard, here are the 3 tips that helped us the most on our journey to self-acceptance and creating our own magic:

1. Accept That Self-Acceptance Doesn’t Mean Giving Up Control

Most of the issues with self-acceptance come from not being able to control certain things which leads to self-judgment and self-blaming. This usually stirs up when you are dealing with situations where your emotional wounds might be pressed. You have to accept the fact that some things in your life are out of control, but also don’t have the wrong impression that self-acceptance means completely giving up control in your life.

You can control some things and some are out of your control, and there is no need to blame yourself for them. Self-acceptance is the process in which you identify what you can and can’t control, spare yourself the pain of trying to control things that you can’t control and instead focus on the things that you can control, and work on those.

2. Forgive Yourself

Gorgeous, no matter what mistakes you have done, no matter how much you f****d up in life, you can either replay the events in your mind and torture yourself, or you can forgive yourself, and learn from your mistakes. Although it’s easier said than done, through self-acceptance you can stop this process of self-torture and instead grow from it.

3. Balance Your Inner Critic

IT’s okay to be self-critical – to a point. When you are objectively being self-critical, like making tiny mental notes to do better in life, then that’s awesome because you are actually doing a big part of self-acceptance.

However, if you let your inner critic get out of hand, and instead of helping you be better, bully you into self-resentment, then you are definitely not making any progress, you are only torturing yourself. That’s why to accept yourself truly, you have to keep your inner critic in check, and in general practice balance in every aspect of yourself.

We hope these self-acceptance tips helped you create your own damn magic!

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