Singing Bowls: Discover the power of Sound Healing

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 10 2018

If you are interested in Sound Healing, then you definitely heard about singing bowls. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? How can a bowl sing? And yet they do. With the most beautiful, profound sound that induces such state of tranquility that it is simply surreal. The most commonly used are the Tibetan Singing Bowls. It’s no wonder because the very first singing bowls were made in China, then Japan, Nepal and slowly worked their way to Tibet. Even though they might not have been built for ceremonial usage at the beginning, still the Tibetan Singing Bowls are most commonly used in meditation and yoga practices.

What are Singing Bowls?

Singing bowls are bowls made of metal, which come in different sizes. Most of them are made of different layers of copper sometimes accompanied with silver, iron, zinc, and gold. It is interesting to know that the shape in which they are made is also known as an inverted bell. Sometimes they are even called a standing bell. In other words, each singing bowl is made specifically to produce sound. The sound that the singing bowls produce is, well, how else we could describe it than simply magical. There isn’t anything like it in the world.

What are Singing Bowls used for?

Mostly, singing bowls are well-known ceremonial and ritual objects. They are used in both yoga and meditation because they produce a calming sound that can help you induce a deep state of meditation. Losing focus and concentration is a common problem amongst anyone that meditates, especially if you are a beginner. And it’s no wonder, because it this modern world in which you live, it seems like everyone is rushing, never taking a single moment to stop. Even at night, your mind never stops to wander. So, it is no wonder if you were having trouble focusing. Making the magic takes effort and most importantly, to get to check out what has been going on with your inner magical spark. If you have been having troubles with getting in touch with the deeper layers of yourself, then Tibetan Singing Bowls can be the right companions for you.

The benefits of using Singing Bowls

If you are on your journey to create your own damn magic and find your inner zen, then Tibetan Singing Bowls can help you so much. Singing bowls produce the most beautiful, calming sounds that radiate to every part of your being. As the sound spreads, you will feel it in every atom of your being with such extraordinary force, that you will probably ask yourself how did you live without them until now. Truly, the grounding and calming effect that singing bowls have is like a breath of fresh air in today’s busy way of living. Singing bowls have so many benefits for you:

-Reducing stress and anxiety – As we mentioned above, the sound that the singing bowls produce has such an extraordinary force, it’s like an anchor pulling you down to earth. The almost hypnotic sound has an instant calming effect that helps in reducing anxiety and stress significantly

-Lowering anger and blood pressure – Let’s face it, sometimes it seems like the whole world is against you. On days like those, the anger seems to pile up and with it so does your blood pressure. Sitting down for a little sound healing therapy with you singing bowl will make that anger go away almost instantly.

-Deep Relaxation – Tibetan Singing Bowls are the absolute Zen oasis. No matter what you are doing, no matter what is happening, the vibration these babies produce is simply astonishing. As the sound continuously repeats itself, you will feel immense calm energy and tranquility wash over you.

-Chakra Balancing – If you have been noticing disbalances in your life like some parts are doing great but some just spin out of control, it’s probably a chakra disbalance. Singing Bowls can help you to restore the balance of your chakras and keep them in check, so they can never spin out of control again.

-Improving Focus – If you have a hard time to get in the zone and see what that magic spark inside you has been up to lately, then Tibetan Singing Bowls are your best chance to help you reach that perfect state of focus and calmness.

-Improving your Immune System – When a Singing Bowl produces sound, the vibrations of that sound are so powerful that your entire body vibrates. The sound frequency of the singing bowls can help you to improve, boost and optimize your immune system.

Where to buy the best singing bowls?

With so many benefits it’s no wonder that you are probably wondering where to find a singing bowl of your own. Here at My Little Magic Shop, we have the best Tibetan Singing Bowls for you to choose from. Be it the set of Chakra Singing Bowls, specifically designed to bring order among your chakras or the classic golden Tibetan Singing Bowl, made to reach your inner Zen, you won’t make a mistake. Take your time, look around and choose the right singing bowl for you. It is a faithful companion and whatever storm that comes your way, the singing bowl will always be your oasis of zen energy.

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