What Do You Fear- Saturn In Your Chart

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 16 2019

Saturn might not be the most popular and loved planet, but it’s a teacher that guides us to become the best and the most responsible version of ourselves. This often requires us to break more than a sweat! On top of that, one of the things that we need to do to improve is to work through what we fear the most. In a natal chart, Saturn shows what area of life makes us feel afraid and inhibited. This is the area where hard work and slow progress can help us gain freedom from our fears and eventually build mastery, turning our fears into strengths.

Saturn in the 1st house (the self)

People with Saturn in the 1st house often fear new beginnings, taking initiative in their lives or affirming themselves as they’d want to. They can feel inhibited, censored by the outer world or by their inner critic. These are often people who had to become mature from a young age and who feel like life is more difficult than it is fun. Success and ease can come later in life as the person gains more confidence and becomes more and more comfortable in their own skin.

Saturn in the 2nd house (resources, self-worth)

People with Saturn in the 2nd house can fear losing their resources, whether we’re talking about money, possessions or relationships. They can feel the need to hold on tight to the things that bring them security, to what is “theirs”, possibly out of a deep fear linked to survival. They can also tend to not trust themselves or the messages that their body is sending them. Being responsible, but not too rigid with their resources and learning to trust and to love themselves more can help them master Saturn’s energy in time.

Saturn in the 3rd house (communication, learning)

Saturn in the 3rd house can bring shyness or social anxiety. Often, these people avoid speaking up because they’re afraid that what they have to say isn’t good enough and they can tend to distrust their opinions or their intelligence. Practicing their communication skills, perhaps through an information or teaching-related job, can help them gain more confidence and work through their negative thoughts. In time, people with a 3rd house Saturn can become very logical, practical thinkers and efficient communicators as they learn to trust their minds and their voices more.

Saturn in the 4th house (home, family, security)

People with Saturn in the 4th house can fear either intimacy or the loss of it. Often, they grew up in an emotionally restrictive environment that left them feeling like they weren’t provided for or loved enough. Getting emotionally close to someone can be difficult- as can be separation, a loss of security. What helps in time is to build their sense of security and of self-trust, creating an inner space where they can nurture themselves and eventually dedicating themselves to keeping loved ones safe as well. Taking responsibility for their own emotional well-being can help them in starting their own family, something that usually happens later in life with this placement. 

Saturn in the 5th house (romance, creativity, fun)

It might sound strange, but people with Saturn in the 5th house can be afraid of…fun. They can feel inhibited when it comes to letting their hair down, allowing their creativity to shine or being in the center of attention. Likely, these people didn’t receive the attention and the love that they needed as children, so their inner child is super-serious and afraid of doing something wrong. Unfulfilling relationships could bring these people back to the love that they need to give to themselves. In time, it becomes easier for them to relax and to channel their creativity. Working with kids or investing in a creative project can do wonders for this Saturn!

Saturn in the 6th house (work, health)

Saturn in the 6th house can bring fears related to work or to health, such as fearing unemployment or sickness or equating their self-worth with the work that they’re doing. People with this placement can tend towards hypochondria or can postpone getting a job out of fear of not being good enough. They can generally be perfectionists who have a difficult time accepting their mistakes and who cope with this fear through avoidance or magnified attention towards anything that is out of place. In time, as they relax, doing their work with dedication and simplicity, they have the opportunity to become skilled professionals or even healers!

Saturn in the 7th house (relationships, partnerships)

People with Saturn in the 7th house can fear being alone or being abandoned, perhaps having grown with parents whose marriage or relationship has been traditional or rigid in some way. They can cope with their fears through distancing themselves from others, through over-involvement or through attracting distant partners until they learn to appreciate and to love themselves most of all. In time, 7th house Saturn people will build the relationship they need, becoming the loyal and dedicated partner that they’ve always been!

Saturn in the 8th house (sex, shared resources)

Saturn in the 8th house can bring a fear of sexuality, of merging energy or resources with others, of one’s own subconscious or of spirits lurking in the darkness. An 8th house Saturn can be scared of losing his power by giving in to others or to things that he cannot control. One’s own instincts, fears or inner shadows can become frightening as the person struggles to keep them in check. In time, people with this placement can learn to be more vulnerable as they take more responsibility for their shadows and learn to work with them instead of suppressing them.

Saturn in the 9th house (travel, higher studies)

People with Saturn in the 9th house can feel like there’s an inner voice that keeps them away from exploring and experimenting the world as they’d like to. Often, these people were brought up in a religious or strict environment and they’ve been taught to fear things that are different or foreign. They prefer to play it safe and avoid taking risks, having a serious, no-nonsense approach to life that can often limit them. In time, as they figure out what they really believe in, it becomes easier to step outside their comfort zone and even become valuable teachers for others.

Saturn in the 10th house (career, public image)

Saturn in the 10th house can bring a fear of taking responsibility at work or of being in the public eye. People who have this placement can often feel harshly judged by others or by their authoritative inner voice, perhaps modeled after a strict parent. Their lesson is to be patient and to increasingly take more and more responsibility in their career, overcoming that inner judge and building solid proof that yes, they can and they will, thriving through the obstacles and having the chance to become someone that other people look up to!

Saturn in the 11th house (friends, ideals)

In the 11th house, Saturn can bring a fear of opening up towards others, especially in larger groups. People with this placement tend to be shy or very serious and can have difficulties integrating into a group of friends. They can be afraid of losing their individuality if they merge with the crowd. In time, they become more open towards other people, they can make friends with more ease and they can dedicate themselves to causes that they believe in, approaching it all with seriousness and long-term commitment.

Saturn in the 12th house (spirituality, self-undoing)

In the 12th house, Saturn can bring a fear of opening up towards emotion, sensitivity or compassion and it can work with difficult feelings such as guilt or sadness to bring people closer to their inner world and to a Source that they resonate with. People with this placement can be afraid of “going crazy” and can prefer to keep their problems to themselves. In time, as they clarify their beliefs and their emotions and open up to a connection with something higher, they started feeling more at ease in their inner world and they can even turn into dedicated helpers and healers!

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