What did you want to do before you became afraid? Who did you want to be before you gave into fear?

Written by Guest Writer


Posted on April 20 2018

Until we live our true purpose and remove the self-imposed obstacles of fear and doubt, we will not find true success, lasting joy or even peace of mind. Because our soul knows who we are meant to be. And until we let go of fear, let go of doubt and let go of all the self-imposed limitations, we will not find ourselves thriving. When we unconsciously let fear tell us who we are, we hand away our power.  We give others control of our own happiness. We become the problem and not the solution.

When you sit back and ask yourself what you want it all to look like if you could have it exactly your way, your heart knows what you want. You know in the deepest part of yourself what truly living would look like. And the only reason you have never let this vibration become your reality is that you have been fucking fearful. The time for fear is done. Now is the time for flying. Now is the time to look at who you wanted to be in childhood. Who you wanted to be in youth. And merge with that version of you in the here and now.

Remove the negative people and situations from your life. Remove the clutter and chaos that affects the mind and spirit. Embrace your power. Look beyond your current situation to see something bigger and better and more powerful. Reach for the stars and they will be yours. If you do not aim high you will not GO high. And you will not aim high unless you access your true self, your true aspirations, and your true spirit. Not what someone else told you to do. Not someone else said you were. 

What you KNOW in your heart, that - YOU ARE.

Move on from the old. From the negative. From the small. You are not small. You are not meant to engage on such a low level. You are here to do amazing good in the world and make a drastic positive impact. On a grand scale. Worldwide.  And the only thing in your way to success is your own mind.

Break free from the limitations you have imposed upon yourself. Set your spirit free to fly. If you let fear win, you cannot succeed. 

Be brave and step into your power. Here. Now. Today. Live your purpose. And break free from the mundane. Break free from the small. Leave the little people, the little egos, and all lack behind. Emerge into truth. Can you say yes to having all you want? Can you say yes to living your dream? Can you say yes to living your purpose?

Say yes and it is all yours. Say yes and expand.




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