What Are Intentions And Why Are They Important? 

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 18 2022

Okay, the first thing that you have to understand is that intentions are not goals. Think of it this way, everything you see around you was once just one thought, one idea into someone’s mind. Their strong desire of an individual to create their idea into the world formed an intention that set them on the path towards achieving their goal – turning an idea into a reality. 

What Is The Difference Between An Intention And A Goal?

What Is The Difference Between An Intention And A Goal?

So in a way, intentions are the seeds for achieving a goal. However, intentions are much more important than you think. Yes, goals are super important for your growth, and it’s amazing that you want to push forward, however, goals often stem from a common emotional wound - the need to prove one’s worth.

While intentions, on the other hand, stem deeply from your heart, your need to grow, not because you want to prove anything, but simply because you want to be better, feel better, and create magic wherever you go.

They are somewhat driven from the heart, they are the emotions you invoke, and the mindsets you adapt, to align yourself in a way to become a better version of yourself, to become the person that you always wanted to become – the person that achieves their goals.

They are the healthy, new seeds that you plant so that you can create your own damn magic. We have set our intentions right, and we have watched our magic becoming a reality before our eyes. In fact, My Little Magic Shop was once just a thought in our founder’s mind, which turned into an intention, which set her on the path to creating this magical company. 

How To Set Your Intentions? 

How To Set Your Intentions?

It’s hard to set your heart on intention setting right away. After all, you have to truly know yourself, and your current needs so that you can set the right intention. What you need is self-awareness.

For an intention to work, first, you need to have strong faith in your ability to create your own damn magic and strong faith that intention setting is going to work. Take a look around you, everything you see was once just a thought in someone’s head. Everything you imagine can be manifested in the material world.

So, how should you set intentions? There are three main factors that play a huge role as to whether your intentions are successfully set & manifested or not:

What To Set As An Intention?

What To Set As An Intention?

The first step of the process is to set your mind onto what you want to manifest. The easiest way to get to your inner magic is to figure out your true intentions, that will bring joy to you, and help you grow.

- Get a piece of paper, split it into three columns, and in the first one, jot down all of the goals that you ever set and wanted to achieve. Then jot down all your desires, wishes, long-lost dreams - everything! We are making a huge list, the bigger the better - even if some of your options might seem insane to you.

- Okay next up, in the second column jot down how you feel about this particular goal or experience - are you happy, scared, excited, afraid, unmotivated, seems like a drag? Note down all of your emotions.

- Finally in the third column, note down the true root of this desire/goal/experience - are you doing it for yourself, or for others? Will this goal still have a meaning to you even if you don’t show off your results to anyone? Jot down everything.

- Now take a good look, which ones are you most excited about, and which ones are pure, just for you, regardless of anyone’s opinion? Those are your main candidates for setting intentions for this month!

    Listen to your heart and intuition as to which of the main intentions candidates to be a winner. Whether you note them down and draw a random intention, use a pendulum, or you flip a coin, or simply choose the one you feel is the most right for you - pick one!

    What Are The Best Intentions To Set?

    Sometimes, when you are setting your intentions, you might feel confused. From where exactly do you start? Which intention goes first, and why? The whole process can feel a little overwhelming, because to set the right intentions you have to be self-aware of your needs, and keep an open mind to the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

    So, although intentions are personal and you should set your own, we are sharing with you a couple of our favourite intentions with you. You can use these examples as they are, but their main purpose is more to nudge you in the right direction in which you should be thinking about your very own magical intentions. After all, the more personal and detailed the intention is, the higher the chances to manifest them! So, it's a good idea to tweak these intentions and try to make them a bit more personal. Here are the best intentions to set:

    1. I will create my magic today.
    2. I intend to manifest infinite spiritual and physical abundance.
    3. I will attract the endless love of the Universe.
    4. I intend to manifest creativity, freedom and inner joy.
    5. I will enhance inner healing.
    6. I intend to be effortlessly myself, in every moment of my existence.
    7. I will empower, motivate and strenghten myself.

    How To Set Your Intention?

    How To Set Your Intention?

    The best way to not only set but also magnify intentions is to craft an intention-setting ritual for yourself. It can be really simple, or you can make it more complex - all depending on your time and wishes. Some steps that you can include in your intention setting rituals are:

    - Cleanse – setting your intentions has to be on a clean slate. Pesky low vibes and negative thoughts don’t have a place when you are setting intentions. Try to cleanse yourself physically and energetically with a bit of Sage, Palo Santo, or even some crystals such as Selenite, Black Tourmaline, and Clear Quartz. 

    - Use Crystals – crystal healing can help you take things to the next level when it comes to intention setting. Pair up with a crystal for manifestation and increasing energy such as Clear Quartz to enhance and boost your intentions. 

    - Burn A Candle candles are in fact one of the best tools that you can use when you are doing intention-setting rituals. You can simply hold your candle and focus on your intentions, then light it and say a little prayer to the Universe to help you achieve your goals. Or you can also do the full deal – carve your candle, dress it with essential oils, and light it every day until it burns down to enhance your intentions. 

      When To Set Your Intentions?

      When To Set Your Intentions?

      Timing is also important for setting your intentions - for example, sometimes the Universe is just sending energy that says: “hey, no new stuff, we need to get done everything that has already been started.” One of the best ways to figure out when the energy is just right to set new intentions is to follow the moon phases, or more specifically the New Moon.

      The moon cycles are a powerful tool for enhancing your intentions, and each cycle of the moon is great for one thing or another. The New Moon specifically is the time for marking a new beginning, thus making it the perfect time for setting your intentions. 

      How To Manifest Your Intentions?

      Which Tools To Use To Set Intentions

      The trick about manifesting your intentions is to be consistent. It’s easy to set them, to do the ritual on the night of the New Moon, and then just forget about them. Manifesting your intention requires constant determination and consistency. That’s why it’s super important to set aside some time of your day in the following days and focus on visualizing your intention.

      Not only that, but also working with some tools to help you manifest your intentions is an amazing way to enhance your own damn magic.

      If you are unsure which tools work best for you, feel free to check out our A Little Zen Box Subscription - we pick the most magical tools for every astrological season and write out an entire booklet of instructions, tips, and astrological guidance to help you make the most of any upcoming season. We take great care, and put in soo much effort, love, kindness and reiki healing energy (each tool is charged by Shereen herself!), that we'd hate for you to miss out on it!

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