Three 5 Minute Rituals You Can Do In the Bathroom

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 06 2019

Sometimes, you are so busy that you overlook the fact that you should be taking care of yourself. We've all been there. However, constantly putting your well-being on the last place can be devastating. So, don't make excuses for yourself because even in your busiest moments, there is always time to create your own magic. Today we are sharing a few tips on how to do 5-minute mini rituals in the bathroom for your every need. Here is how to do them:

Take A Quick Crystal Bath/Shower

Starting off the day right can make all the change! It can simply make your day magical. Whether you are taking a quick bath or a shower in the morning, boost the cleansing and calming properties of your bath by taking a Blue Aventurine Sphere. Blue Aventurine promotes relaxation and calms anxiety and stress.

By being in a sphere shape it simply radiates with calming energy in every direction equally, letting you soak up its nurturing vibes. Keep the Blue Aventurine sphere close to your body as you take your bath/shower in the morning. Make sure you never take a bath with steaming hot water because it can damage your crystal sphere.

Essential Oil Massage

Whenever you feel exhausted and stressed out, after a long day at work, the simplest way to relax is to go to the bathroom and give yourself a quick essential oils massage. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands you can simply massage your feet, ankles, and hands to feel instant relaxation. The fragrance of your essential oil will stay with you, providing further relaxation during the rest of the day.

If you have a little more time to spare, you can give your whole arms and legs a massage. We feel incredibly relaxed when we massage our hips as well if you like to put in the extra effort. It's worth it! If you want to deepen the relaxation and promote some good vibes, we wholeheartedly recommend to you to use the mix of essential oils – A Little Luck Oil. It’s divine and a great pick me up after a harsh day!

Mantra With Mala Beads To Calm Yourself Down

Sometimes when you are at work, emotions come pouring down on you. You feel like at any moment you will burst and you certainly wouldn’t like to do so in front of your coworkers. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Often, going to the bathroom to get away from people and pouring your eyes out can seem like a good option. The only issue is that it leaves you emotionally exhausted, and not looking at your best during the day with all the puffy eyes.

Instead of crying your eyes out, we advise you to use your alone time in the bathroom a little more wisely and put your mala to good use. We always keep our Rose Quartz Mala close by and use it whenever we feel like we can’t control our emotions. Although the company bathroom might not be your first choice to put your mala to good use, if you share an office, it’s actually the best place to get away from people and transform your energy. Simply shut yourself in the bathroom for ten minutes, and chant quietly or within yourself the mantra and intention set within your mala beads. You will instantly start feeling calmer!



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