The Ultimate Pendulum Guide

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 07 2022

With our constant running around to achieve the unachievable, surrounded with fancy technology along the way it’s not uncommon to lose the way towards yourself. If you feel like your intuition lately is non-existent - join the club! It’s very easy with all the distractions around us to keep a close check on ourselves or to even know what is going on with ourselves.

Don’t despair, because it’s just the nature of our world at the moment - but it doesn’t have to be this way! You can reconnect with yourself easily if you team up with the right tool - a pendulum. As one of the best intuition building tools, a pendulum can help you get in touch with your inner self, find lost objects, or even help you keep your chakras in check! Here is why pendulums are important and how to choose between them!


pendulum meaning

Pendulums are usually objects that are built from two parts. One part is the chain and the other is the object that is on the chain which is usually a gemstone. Although the most likely object to be hanging from a pendulum is a gemstone, pendulums can also be wood, metal and even custom built with a key hanging from them.

By holding your pendulum still, at the end of the chain letting it float vertically in the air after you ask a question, the pendulum will start to move in a certain direction. By asking more questions and observing how it moves for yes and no questions, after some time you will learn what its movements mean. And by doing so, you can help yourself in various ways.


The thing about energy is, that it can be emitted and received. By focusing your attention on the question that you want to find an answer to, your subconscious mind slowly awakens. Usually, we have all the answers we need but we don’t realize that we do. So, we aimlessly search for answers. Luckily our subconscious mind is a very powerful thing. We have an endless capacity of information stored in it, but no way to access it. Which is where the pendulums come in the picture.

What a pendulum does is it allows you to emit energy frequencies that will help your subconscious mind, not only to awake but also find a way to give you the answers you are looking for, you already know them but yet you don't have access to them. And how does the subconscious part of our brain do that?

Simply by sending electrical impulses to your nerves and make tiny unnoticeable micro-movements with your fingers. We bet you'd never even feel them or expect them, or you might have thought of it. But it's true! You are the one doing all the magic because you already know the answers! That way, by focusing, and emitting and receiving the proper energy type using a pendulum, you will get to tap into the part of your mind that has all the answers. How awesome is that?


To ensure that you will be getting the best results, it’s very important to choose the right pendulum for yourself. Here are a few ways to choose the right pendulum for yourself:

pick a pendulum

Ask The Pendulum If It wants To Come Home With You

If you have noticed a pendulum that you feel attracted to, then it’s probably not a coincidence. Pendulums are tools that connect to your intuition, your higher self, and your subconscious mind. They help you dive into deeper layers of yourself, find answers and discover yourself.

Whenever you notice a pendulum that simply calls to you, and catches your attention, it’s probably a sign from your inner self, signaling you that you have found the perfect tool to communicate with the deeper layers of yourself. However, to be sure that you have picked up the right signal, you can always ask the pendulum that you want to purchase whether or not it wants to come home with you. Here is how to do it:

  • Hold the pendulum on the chain, with the bottom part downwards.
  • Wait for the pendulum to be completely still.
  • Then, ask your pendulum to show you what movement means yes.
  • Then, when your pendulum is still, ask it to show you what movement means no.
  • Then, ask your pendulum if it wants to come home with you, and depending on the answer, make a decision whether or not to purchase the pendulum.

Use A Pendulum That You Already Have

If you already own a pendulum, but you find yourself drawn to other pendulums - don’t worry! Different pendulums can be better suited for different uses, which is why you are probably finding yourself attracted to more than one pendulum. And even better, owning already a pendulum can help you choose your next pendulum.

When you already have a pendulum that you take good care of, and you have established a strong connection with, it’s really easy to choose the right pendulum that can help you in other, more specific aspects. Here is how to ask your pendulum:

  • Hold the pendulum in your hands, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Focus on the issues that you are having, feel the energy of the thoughts troubling you as you hold your pendulum.
  • Then, once you have conveyed the energy to your pendulum you can ask it whether or not the pendulum that you wish to purchase is the best one to help you resolve those issues.
  • Then, hold the pendulum on the chain, with the bottom part downwards.
  • Wait for the pendulum to be completely still.
  • Then, ask your pendulum to show you what movement means yes.
  • Then, when your pendulum is still, ask it to show you what movement means no.
  • Then, ask your pendulum if the pendulum that you are feeling a connection with will help you with your issue, and depending on the answer, make a decision whether or not to purchase the pendulum.


Depending on the composition

crystal pendulum meaning

Choosing a pendulum depends on many things, but the most important one is the purpose for which you are picking up a pendulum. The question that you need to ask yourself is whether you want to heal yourself or reveal the answers hidden in your subconscious mind?

  • Wooden Pendulums

Wooden Pendulums are simpler than the crystal pendulums. They are plain looking, but since they are made of wood they are more reliable. Unlike crystal pendulums, wood pendulums aren’t affected by the energies surrounding them, they are only affected by the energy of the one that is holding the pendulum. While they are more reliable for getting answers, they don’t help too much when it comes to healing yourself.

  • Crystal Pendulums

Crystal Pendulums are more complex. The simpler ones are made out of different crystals, shapes and the more complex ones contain different crystals, specifically chosen to heal you. You can choose based on the shape or the type of crystal.

Depending on the type of crystal

Each type of crystal emits their own energy, which makes specific crystals better for specific purposes. Here are the most popular gems for crystals:

Energy Specific – gems that are tied to the energy you want to pull in, list love, prosperity, peace, protection, grounding, and their crystals

  • Rose Quartz – Manifesting Love & Finding Soulmate
  • Pyrite – Manifest wealth & abundance
  • Fancy Jasper Improves focus and concentration, bringing clarity and improving decision making
  • Hematite – Ultimate cleansing
  • Clear Quartz – Manifesting Dreams
  • Aventurine – Positive energy & luck
  • Carnelian – Increasing Self Confidence & Personal Power
  • Sodalite – Harnessing Calmness & Mindfulness
  • Amethyst Intuition Building & Fighting off anxiety
  • Amazonite Calming down anger, harnessing calmness & discovering the source of negative patterns
  • Malachite – Transforming negative patterns into positive ones
  • Lapis Lazuli Intuition building & connecting with the Universe
  • Tiger Eye Manifesting positive change into your life & increasing vitality
  • Blue Onyx– Increasing courage & protection against negative vibes
  • Fluorite – Clarity & improved decision making
  • Labradorite – Courage, strength & calming down anger
  • Rhodonite  Manifesting Love & Self-Love

Chakra Specific - Each crystal can connect to a specific chakra, helping you to balance your chakras:

Depending on the shape of the crystal

Although the type of the crystal is very important, different shapes of crystals have different purposes, and are better suited for different uses. Here is how to choose according to the shape of the crystal:

  • Rough Pendulums

Rough Pendulums are made by crystals that are kept in their raw natural state. They haven’t been processed manually or in machines to be refined, which is why their energy is considered stronger and purer than crystals that have been processed. However, the downside of these pendulums is that depending on the softness of the crystal, they can be more easily damaged, which is why extra care is required when handling them.

  • Polished Pendulums

Polished pendulums are pendulums created by polishing either by hand or in a special machine that tumbles them. Although the energy of the pendulum can be affected by the polishing, and getting in touch with other people, because of the conus like shape, the energy of the pendulum is easier to concentrate on one spot, which makes it easier for working with them.

  • Chambered Pendulums

Chambered Pendulums are pendulums that have a special chamber, where you can include different objects in them, to create a specific connection with your pendulum, and to help you work on a more specific purpose. Depending on what you want to achieve you can add:

  • Essential Oils - Essential oils have been known to help a lot of physical and emotional issues. Whenever you are trying to improve your well-being or dissolve emotional blockages with your pendulum, you can add a few drops of essential oils to enhance those intentions.
  • Crystal Chips - If you prefer to have one pendulum which you can multipurpose, then a chambered pendulum is the right way to go. By adding different crystal chips, you can balance your chakras, dissolve blockages and even mix different chips of crystals to create specific energy frequencies for any purpose. Think of it like having a mini crystal grid to enhance the work of your pendulum within it.



Although buying a pendulum is a great way to start building up your intuition, you can always make a pendulum of your own. In fact, the pendulum isn’t specifically wooden, crystal or metal, and polished up - on the contrary, any object that floats down a string, energized with the right energy frequencies is a pendulum.

how to make a pendulum

The simplest way to make a pendulum of your own is to choose a piece of string, and an object such as a key. Make sure you cleanse the objects. Then, you can tie up the key to the string, and close your eyes as you hold your newmade pendulum, so that you can properly energize it for the purpose you need it for.



You can always ask the pendulum whether or not it wants to come home with you and help you work on a specific issue. However, there are also some pendulums that are simply better for specific purposes than others. Here are a few ways to choose a pendulum according to your purpose:

Picking Crystals

If you are using another pendulum to make a decision about buying a new one, then use clear quartz, metal or wooden pendulum because their energies are more stable, and on a higher frequency than other pendulums.

That makes them often self-sufficient, less prone to getting affected by negative vibes, which is perfect for getting true answers about any doubts you might have with the pendulum in mind.


If you are thinking about getting yourself a pendulum that can help you in your divination, then the best pendulums for that purpose are Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and any crystal that connects well with the Third Eye Chakra. Clear Quartz is a crystal that works well with all the chakras in the body, while Amethyst is a well-known crystal for connecting with the Third Eye Chakra.

Their high frequencies, with their soothing and nourishing properties, making them perfect for inducing a state for divination. A great way to test out this pendulum is to ask some extra questions about yourself besides whether or not it wants to come home with you.

Balancing And Checking Chakras

If you simply want to keep all of your chakras in check then, choosing a Clear Quartz, wood or metal pendulum are the best options. Because they are self-sufficient, they don’t get interference from other vibes, which makes them perfect for keeping your chakras in check.

If you feel like a specific chakra is out of tune, and you want to devote more attention to it then the best option is to choose a pendulum that connects well with that chakra. By choosing a crystal that connects with a chakra it’s much easier to detect any energy disbalance. Check above for a list

Releasing & Decongesting

Energy If you feel that a lot of negative energy has been piled up within you, and you need to release it, then the best way to do so, without sending off that harmful energy off for someone else to pick up, is to choose a crystal based pendulum that absorbs energy.

Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Black Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian, Shungite and Selenite are the perfect choice for cleansing yourself and making sure all the negative vibes are removed, safely. Make sure you cleanse these pendulums regularly!

Energizing A Purpose

how to use a pendulum

For any purpose or goal, clear quartz is the best option, because it’s an excellent crystal for manifesting intentions. However, if you would like to use specific energy for your purpose, then we recommend that you use a crystal that connects well with that intention. Check above for a list of crystals per energetic purpose!

Finding Lost Objects

If you want to search for lost objects, then the most neutral options that you can use are metal or wooden pendulum. However, we recommend using a chambered pendulum, because in our experience it works the best.

By adding a scent, note, or a piece of the thing that you are looking for, you can forge a strong energetic connection with the object you are looking for, making it easier to discover where he desired object is.



Once you pick your crystal, you are all set to start creating your own damn magic, and shed light on the path that leads to your intuition, and higher self. However, how do you use a pendulum? Well, it really depends on your purpose, because pendulums can be used differently for each purpose. Here is how to use your pendulum depending on each purpose:

Picking Crystals

Some pendulums are an excellent way to pick your new crystals or pendulums for your crystal healing sessions, and intuition building sessions. Because your pendulum already is deeply connected with you since you have been working with it for a while, it’s an excellent way to help you choose the next crystals for your crystal healing sessions.

You can take your pendulum with you while shopping for crystals, or you can also scan the shops for crystals that you like and feel a connection with, and then when you get back home, hold the image of each crystal and ask your pendulum: “Will this crystal help me create my magic?” , “Is this the best crystal to be working with at the moment?”. Observe closely what your pendulum says for each crystal, and make sure you note down your answers so that you won’t mix up your crystals after your pendulum session.


The most common way to use your pendulum is for intuition building and divination. After all, pendulums were designed to help you get your answers from your subconscious mind, where your intuition lies. Although their primary use was to find lost objects, pretty soon it became clear that a pendulum can give all the answers that you need.

However, keep in mind that to get the right answers you have to ask the right questions and tailor them so that the pendulum can answer them. The pendulum answering set is a bit limited - a pendulum can answer only with yes or no answer. So, to get the answers that you need you have to think about how to ask them properly so that your pendulum can give you an answer.

You can pair up with a pendulum mat to increase the range of answers that you can get out of your pendulum, but it takes a while to get used to working with it. Here is how to get answers with the help of your pendulum:

  • Write down a list of questions that you want to ask your pendulum. At this point don’t focus on how you formulate the questions, simply pour your soul out - everything that you are curious about, everything that you are confused about, everything that clouds your mind write it down on your list.
  • Then pick the 5 most important questions from your list, and see if they are formulated properly - are they a yes or no questions? If not, work a bit on them to reformulate them into a yes or no question.
  • Keep your list of questions close, and an extra piece of paper and pen to write down the answers from your pendulum.
  • Hold the pendulum in your hands, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Focus on the energy you feel from your pendulum.
  • When you are ready, hold the pendulum on the chain, with the bottom part downwards.
  • Wait for the pendulum to be completely still.
  • Then, ask your pendulum to show you what movement means yes.
  • Then, when your pendulum is still, ask it to show you what movement means no.
  • Take note of the movements your pendulums shows you so that you won’t get confused
  • Then, when your pendulum is still, ask it whether it will help you find your answers.
  • If it answers yes proceed, and if it says no, finish your session there and try again in a couple of hours or the next day.
  • Then start by asking your pendulum your list of questions, and note down the answers you get.


Balancing And Checking Chakras

how to check chakras with a pendulum

One of our favorite ways to use pendulums is to do checkups on our chakra systems and to balance them regularly. When your chakras are out of whack, a lot of things in your life can start going wrong and make you feel discouraged to create your own damn magic.

So, the best way to manifest your magic, and to live a joyful life is to take good care of your chakra system and make sure they are properly balanced. Using a pendulum can really help to keep them in check and balance them properly. Here is how to check and balance your own chakras as well as someone else’s:


Checking Your Own Chakras:

  • Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand Close your eyes and visualize the chakra.
  • Open your eyes and ask the pendulum if it’s congested or out of balance.
  • You can also ask to see the spin of the chakra.
  • Be open to the movement that happens.
  • Observe patiently, and then if you have noticed any blockages or lower energy levels, ask your pendulum to help you work on that chakra.
  • Close your eyes and visualize the chakra getting more energy.
  • Then, open your eyes and ask your pendulum to energize that intention.


Decongest The Energy For Yourself:

  • Hold your pendulum and visualize the chakra
  • Then put your hand over that chakra.
  • Ask the pendulum to release anything blocking that chakra from complete balance.
  • Allow the pendulum to move as it wishes (usually in a circle in one direction or the other) until it stops on its own.
  • Then ask if it’s finished.
  • If it says no, then repeat, if it says yes, then move on.


Checking Someone Else’s Chakras:

  • Have them lay down.
  • Hold the pendulum right in the chakra region about 3-6 inches above the body.
  • Ask it if it’s congested/out of balance.
  • Ask to see the spin.
  • Take notes
  • Then if they wish, you can help that person open up their chakras with the help of visualization techniques combined with the energy of the pendulum.
  • Then, when you know which chakra or chakras is blocked, you can release and decongest the energy with the help of a pendulum


Decongest The Energy For Others:

  • Hold your over that chakra while the person is laying down.
  • Hold it in their energy field, usually about 3-6 inches above the person.
  • Ask the pendulum to release anything blocking that chakra from complete balance.
  • Allow the pendulum to move as it wishes (usually in a circle in one direction or the other) until it stops on its own.
  • Then ask if it’s finished. If it says no, then repeat, if it says yes, then move on.


Energizing A Purpose

Speaking of manifesting your own magic, a pendulum is an amazing way to energize a purpose and manifest the change that you want to create in your life or to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Here is how to do it: Close your eyes.

Take the pendulum into your hands. Ask the pendulum to energize that chakra, grid or intention for the highest greatest purpose without harm to all of those involved. Allow the pendulum to move as it wishes (usually in a circle in one direction or the other) until it stops on its own. Then ask if it’s finished. If it says no, then repeat the whole process, if it says yes, then move on.


Finding Lost Objects

how to find a lost object with a pendulum

One of the primary purposes of a pendulum is to find lost objects. Here is how to find a lost object:

  • Hold your pendulum in your hands.
  • Focus on the object that you are looking for.
  • Visualize it clearly.
  • Hold your pendulum with your dominant hand.
  • Ask a series of questions to narrow down the search of your object such as: “Is my object in the living room?”, “Is my object in the office?”, “Is my object in my kitchen”, “Is my object in my car?”
  • Watch closely what your pendulum says, whether it is a yes or no answer, and follow its lead.

***Note: Looking for lost people or ghosts with a pendulum can be tricky and even dangerous, which is why we don’t recommend it. Using a pendulum for finding lost people or ghosts is also no guarantee that you will find them.



The best way to ensure that you are always doing the best with your pendulum, is to take good care of it, because pendulums are super sensitive tools to vibes. Here are the 4 best ways to take care of your pendulum:

Make friends and speak to your pendulum nicely

The best way to take care of your pendulum is to think of it as a close friend, even though it is an object. A pendulum is a very sensitive tool that serves you to connect more easily to the deepest parts of yourself, so treating it nicely, being trusting with your pendulum to help you explore and connect with yourself, being respectful to it, in a way is a representation of how you treat yourself as well. So, be nice, and friendly!

Cleanse Your Pendulum Regularly

Pendulums are highly susceptible tools to energy vibes because they are designed to be so that they can detect and connect you with your intuition even when your connection with yourself is really weak. That means that how your pendulum performs is closely connected to how often you cleanse it from yucky energy.

We recommend using Sage of Palo Santo to cleanse negative vibes from your pendulum, and to be vigilant in cleansing your pendulum. Make sure you cleanse it before you use it for optimal performance, and after you finish so that you wipe off any negative vibes it might have accidentally picked up.

Be Respectful

Remember that your pendulum gives you the answers from your subconscious, where your intuition and higher-self lay, so if you don’t like the answers you get, remember that your pendulum is only the messenger.

Sometimes the truth might not be what we want to hear, it might not be nice, but it still is the truth. So, in order to have impeccable teamwork with your pendulum, always respect its answers.

Don’t Push For Answers

If you ask your pendulum to help you with getting answers and your pendulum says no than the best thing that you can do is to back off. If you continue working with your pendulum after that point, not only will the answers be unreliable, but you will also destroy the pure connection you need to develop with your pendulum to work with it. There is no point in forcing it, so try again later, or the following day, and be patient!


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