Word Of The Week – Calmness

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 13 2020

In these chaotic times, we are more stressed out and anxious than ever, and calmness for many of you is just a distant dream. We are all quarantined and stressed out to the max all day every day, and that kind of stress is not good for your overall well-being. In fact, the extra stress can even cause your immune system to be weakened – and who wants that in the current situation? Plus, your mental health is super important for creating your own damn magic! So, we need to remain calm, instead of stressing out. But, how can we do that in these chaotic times when tomorrow seems uncertain?

What Is Calmness And Why Is it Important?

Calmness is an emotion that arises when you have unwavering inner strength. It’s the acceptance that life can be normal, or out of whack (just like it’s now), but how you respond to any given situation is under your control. Calmness is important because it doesn’t get you held up in a mindset of constant worry, but rather calmness leads you to search for solutions, thus developing a problem-solving mindset where everything can be resolved, and if not, it can be endured or dealt with in some other way.

How To Remain Calm?

Here are a few tips & techniques to remain calm:

- Affirmations For Calmness

Stress and Anxiety get multiplied in your thoughts, where you unconsciously develop negative mindsets. To counter that, you need to overwrite those thought patterns with positive ones. We love using weekly affirmations for turning those negative patterns into positive ones. Here are a few of our favorite harnessing calmness affirmations:

  • I am safe.

  • No matter the storm, I am always calm and strong.

  • I am openly harnessing calmness.

  • With every breath, I become calmer and calmer.

  • I am the embodiment of calmness.

- Meditating For Harnessing Calmness

Remaining calm is much easier if you adopt meditation as a lifelong habit. Any meditation can help you become calmer, and to lead a more meaningful life.

- Crystal Healing For Calmness

If you feel like affirmations are not cutting it, and you are having difficulty focusing up during meditation then crystal healing can help you to become calmer. Some crystals that can help you become calmer are Amethyst, Angelite, Selenite and Black Obsidian. Or even better check out our Calm AF Kit in which you have all the tools you need to remain Calm AF even in the direst times.

- Taking Action

If you feel so upset that you can’t calm yourself down through any of the methods above, then you should take action. Do some cardio exercise to vent out that anxiety & stress, turn up the volume to your headphones on your favorite songs, and dance it all off, or even better sing it off. If you feel like you need extra help, you can also check out some Books For Harnessing Calmness!

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