Astro Alert: The Gemini-Sagittarius Eclipses Perspective

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on November 30 2020

Eclipses are times for letting go of the old and welcoming the new in our lives, trusting that the Universe needs to shake things up every once in a while to give us a nudge in the right direction. Since Eclipses are New or Full Moons that happen close to the Moon’s Nodes, and the Moon’s Nodes shift signs every year and a half, these funky celestial events will change their flavor from time to time. 

From 2018 to 2020, with the South Node of karma in industrious Capricorn and the North Node of purpose in sensitive Cancer, eclipse seasons have brought big changes in the way we approach work and family, challenging us to let go of judgment, workaholism, rigidity and emotional repression (Capricorn shadows) in favor of openness, relaxation, intimacy, and receptivity (Cancer highlights). These two years gave us the right context to find a balance between our inner feminine and masculine sides, and to go back to our roots.

This summer, the South Node has shifted into truth-seeking Sagittarius, while the North Node started its transit through curious Gemini. The focus is now on our mental bodies, on the way we take in and share information, on the way we’re engineering reality with the help of our thoughts.

The new cycle of eclipses carries the message of letting go of prejudice, dogmatism, over-confidence, or restlessness (Sagittarius shadows) and bringing more curiosity, open-mindedness, flexibility, and mindfulness (Gemini highlights) in our daily lives.

South Node Eclipses in 2020-2021: Letting Go Of The Old

What was happening in your life around June 5 of this year? That’s the date of the first Eclipse carrying the vibes of a new cycle, a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse that highlighted our quest for fun, self-growth, and meaning. On December 14 this year, as well as on May 26 and December 4 of next year, we’ve got a few more stops on the journey to leave behind outdated truths and expectations so we can open up and enjoy life with a beginner’s mind.

These four South Node/Sagittarius eclipses can bring upheaval and change in the area of higher education, teaching, publishing, courses, travel, religion, and spirituality, on both a social and a personal level. Many of us could find that our old academic choices or religious/spiritual affiliations no longer serve us on our current path.

While some could reconsider their role as a student, others could become teachers or start sharing their ideas with the world at large. 2020 has made it clear that travel (brought to us by Sagittarius) isn’t at its strongest during this period. At a symbolic level, this could be a message to stop looking so much towards distant horizons and to find more joy and meaning in the environment that is accessible to us right now.

These four Eclipses could also bring about events where tolerance and open-mindedness are needed the most, and illusions of superiority or high moral ground are meant to be left behind.

It’s comfortable to believe that we’re better than others, for reasons varying from gender or race to academic degree or level of consciousness, and it’s a tendency that these Eclipses can strengthen, challenging us to remember that our opinions are not facts and that wisdom without heart is not really wisdom at all.

Another challenge brought by the South Node in Sagittarius is to keep our feet on the ground and to assess situations realistically, even if a part of us feels like diving head-first and relying on sheer luck to keep us going.

During this year and a half, the Universe could push us into contexts where we’ll have to balance faith that things will turn out alright with practical steps taken towards the outcomes we desire.

Even they’re karmically charged, South Node Eclipses aren’t all doom and gloom. Yes, there’s a general vibe of “don’t go there again, or you won’t move forward”- “there” being the aforementioned Sagittarius shadow of prejudice, over-intellectualizing, attachment to opinions, and difficulty finding a direction- but at the same time, these Eclipses can help us connect to our high-vibe inner Sag by placing us in situations where we need to activate our faith, optimism, wisdom, and sense of adventure.

North Node Eclipses in 2020-2021: Welcoming The New

November brings the first North Node Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th, a fresh start for us on an intellectual and social level. Together with the Eclipse on June 10, 2021, this cosmic event sets in motion the necessary circumstances for us to expand and to grow in understanding and confidence.

If South Node Eclipses prompt us to leave behind those things that make our lives unnecessarily heavier, North Node Eclipses are like blasts from the future that turn us, often unexpectedly, back to the path that we’ve chosen for ourselves before coming to Earth. 

In Gemini, these two Eclipses could bring about events linked to studying, teaching, or being taught, short trips, social media, communication-related projects, friends and acquaintances, patterns of thought, and communication.

We could stumble upon the knowledge that we need to take the next big step or meet the right people at the right time. If something is changing in your life around November 30 or June 10 next year, trust what is shifting and, as the poet Rainer Maria Rilke put it, “try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue.”

North Node territory is always exciting, but rarely easy. We tend to love what we’re accustomed to, and this particular astrological point is an epitome of unfamiliarity. The two Gemini eclipses could find us struggling with our search for truth and meaning, with our desire to know and to do more, with the way we discipline our minds.

We’re stepping on uncharted territory, perhaps discovering more about ourselves as students and teachers, perhaps widening our perspective enough to accommodate opposing beliefs. It could be a productive challenge to invest time in many different interests without spreading ourselves too thin or to find ways of clearing our thoughts when our attention is snatched away by everything and nothing (and, since we’re talking Gemini, it will very likely be the case).

Those of us with important planets or points in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces will go through important life changes in the following year and a half. Those of us whose birth charts aren’t particularly affected by the Eclipse points might not feel such a powerful pull towards change; the skies work differently for each of us, depending on the stuff we’re made of. There’s no doubt, however, about the general direction that these cosmic events point towards curiosity, flexibility, a thirst for knowledge and connection, and the necessary wisdom to find meaning in it all. 

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