The Astrology Of 2022

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 11 2022

Dear Magic Makers, 

There are many things to look forward to in 2022! The North Node – our collective purpose for the next year and a half – shifts into grounded, sensuous Taurus, while Jupiter in Pisces supports healing, but also positive changes and breakthroughs in the first part of the year. 

April’s conjunction between Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (dreams and spirituality) is a rare event that will open up new gates of emotion and inspiration… while also playing with our boundaries and our empathy. Starting from May, Jupiter in passionate Aries will encourage risk-taking and self-affirmation, with the possible downside of irritability and conflict proneness.

Steady Saturn will keep transiting the innovative sign of Aquarius in 2022, encouraging current efforts to build stronger communities and to find new solutions to old problems.

North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio:
January 18, 2022 – July 19, 2023

The Astrology Of 2022

The South Node of karma and the North Node of direction and purpose are our guiding lights, both personally and collectively. They change signs every year and a half, revealing old stories that we need to leave behind and new doors that are opening for us, inviting us to step into a new experience. 

For the past year and a half, the Sagittarius South Node and the Gemini North Node have been taking us on a collective journey of open-mindedness, communication, curiosity, and acceptance of the grey areas of life. Recent events have made it clearer than ever that it’s difficult to rely on our old certainties, harmful to keep seeing the world through the lens of prejudice or privilege (the Sagittarius shadow)… and necessary to stay open-minded and flexible (two important Gemini resources).

We might have learned some of these lessons and we might still have a lot to integrate, but the Taurus North Node gives us a new mission starting from January 18: to relax, to stop seeing life as a constant fight, to give up peering into the darkness only to get hurt or disappointed again. It’s time to put on your favorite song, to step into the sun, to feel the wind on your skin… and to celebrate the simple wonder of being alive.

With the South Node in Scorpio, the sign of sex, finances, trauma, and alchemy, the next period supports us to process and to let go of the past not by replaying old wounds in our present experience, but by looking within, identifying the pattern, and finding the resources that can help us thrive here and now.  

The Nord Node in Taurus shows that our collective mission is a sweet and soft one for the next year and a half. We’re supported to connect to our senses, to live free in our bodies rather than trapped in our minds, to nurture gratitude for our blessings, and to cultivate financial abundance through using our power of attraction as we let go of toxic hustle culture.

The Taurus North Node also supports us to:

- take better care of Mother Earth and recognize her gifts
- nurture more awareness around sustainability, recycling, carbon emissions, and alternative power sources
-  focus on clean, organic eating
- work through our fears and past wounds by recognizing that trauma is stored in the body
- show more appreciation for our daily blessings
- appreciate our talents, avoid selling ourselves short, be realistic about our worth
- focus less on other people’s values and more on what success means to us on a personal level
- build financial stability 
- focus on sensuality and tenderness rather than raw instinct 
- let go of extremes and bring body awareness back into sexuality


Those of us with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius placements will go through the most important changes in the following year and a half, but all of us are supported to bring an extra dose of ease, pleasure, and mindfulness into our lives.

2022’s Eclipses will bring important shifts in the way we approach our bodies, our resources, and the natural world: the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 16 and the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on October 25 will help us release old baggage, while the Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 30 and the Taurus Lunar Eclipse on November 8 will open new doors to pleasure and abundance.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus:
February 17

The Astrology Of 2022

Jupiter, the healing planet of optimism and abundance, forms a harmonious aspect with revolutionary risk-taker Uranus on February 17, marking an ideal moment for positive changes in our lives. Can you think of a life area where you’ve been feeling stifled and blocked during recent times? Is there a risky decision you’ve been planning to make, but you’ve kept postponing because you weren’t sure it was possible? Mid-February might bring the perfect context to embrace a new start!

The sextile is an aspect of new opportunities and support. We might meet someone who helps us on our path or we might receive an offer that we’ve been waiting for. The tricky part is that circumstances might ask us to leave something behind and to take a big leap of faith in order to experience this new reality. The best part? The Jupiter – Uranus sextile can help us intuitively know what opportunities will lead us to success. 

Jupiter in Pisces is all about listening to our inner voice and believing in our craziest dreams. Relying on intuition and divine support can help us make an important decision at this time, especially in matters linked to work, finances, and resources. This aspect favors innovation and experimentation on a practical level; new ideas and actions can lead to a breakthrough! 

For some of us, this could be a travel opportunity. For others, it could be a new job or an investment that can lead to success. Activities linked to learning, teaching, or sharing wisdom are supported, especially if we spice them up with an innovative twist. 

The take-home message: seize the opportunities that are coming your way, this is a moment like no other! Those of us with strong Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces placements will go through the most important changes at this time, but all of us are supported to take a risk and embrace change in mid-February.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune:
April 12

Astrology 2022

Once every 13 years, Jupiter (the planet that rules collective beliefs, laws, and culture) meets up with Neptune (the ruler of art, spirituality, and collective dreams) to bring about a cultural renaissance, inspiring us with new ideals and visions. In the spiritual, artistic sign of Pisces, we can expect this conjunction to open up the gates of inspiration and to infuse our lives with more magic and meaning.

Jupiter, Neptune, and Pisces all like to dream big. They represent the actor, poet, mystic, and guru archetypes, leading us on a quest into the unknown and abolishing restrictive boundaries as they support dissolution for the purpose of unity. What does this mean for us in 2022? 

First of all, we can expect people to have more tolerance and compassion for each other as we understand that the pandemic has taken its toll on all of us, beyond belief or choice. It will be easier to look around and to see our struggles, but also our joys mirrored in the experiences of others. We can expect a rise in activism, humanitarian projects, and donations. A more hopeful, motivational public discourse can be a call to compassion and unity, while rooting for the underdog can be a powerful theme in art and media.

As a challenge, our boundaries can be easier to break or to dissolve this year. It’s more likely for those in power to take advantage of the people’s need for hope and salvation – it’s essential to keep our eyes open and to only believe something if we see it or if it resonates profoundly with our intuition, not with our fears. It’s also important not to gloss over details for the sake of the bigger picture when the details bring the bigger picture alive. Critical thinking is essential this year, so is offering help without sacrificing our well-being.

Secondly, we can expect a rebirth of certain religious or spiritual traditions, as well as an increased interest in spirituality, magic, psychic phenomena, meditation, sleep science, and any means of reaching deeper states of consciousness (legalizing drugs might be a trend this year). It will be easier for us to believe in the extraordinary and to trust that there’s a higher intelligence – and a higher love – orchestrating our reality. We might meet spiritual guides that change our lives or we could thrive professionally if our work involves healing, guiding, teaching, or art.

As a challenge, we can expect a rise in fanaticism. Some religious or spiritual leaders might preach narrow-minded beliefs with more zeal than usual, convinced that they’re doing the right thing, while people might be more open to absorb their insights. “Religion is the opium of the masses” is a phrase that we might hear often in 2022. Spiritual bypassing can be another challenge that we’re supported to face by knowing that spirituality doesn’t mean glossing over our problems, but tackling them with awareness and compassion.

Finally, we can expect an abundance of new music, movies, and art pieces that tap into the collective unconscious, helping us heal our suffering and celebrate our moments of hope and revelation. Keep an eye on media and entertainment this year: we’re in for some pleasant surprises! The last Jupiter – Neptune conjunction took place in 2009 and brought us box office hits such as Avatar, Ice Age, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, or Twilight.

Those of us with strong Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces placements will feel divine support, an amp-up in inspiration, and a powerful call to nurture more meaning in our lives during 2022, but everyone will benefit from an extra dose of magic in the life area ruled by Pisces in the natal chart. 

Jupiter Sextile Pluto:
May 3

Astrology 2022

The Jupiter – Pluto sextile at the beginning of May is another aspect that brings new opportunities into our lives. If mid-February has been a time of taking risks and following our path to success, May can bring further opportunities for abundance, as well as a deepening of our commitment to our personal power.

It’s a time of deep transformation in matters linked to learning, teaching, beliefs, spirituality, law, publishing, as well as art and creativity. We can have the opportunity to access valuable resources and to grow spiritually and professionally, gaining more power and influence. This could manifest as an external opportunity (career, wealth, a positive change in social status) or as an internal change toward more self-confidence. We’ll feel more ambitious and determined to reach our goals!

Many of us could have the chance to step into a leadership role at this time… or to meet a powerful and influential person that inspires and supports us. Travel opportunities (especially overseas) or new courses could bring incredible growth. Our intuition will also reach an all-time high, supporting us to see through deception (which might be an important theme in 2022) and sharpening our instincts.

Those of us with strong Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces placements will have the most opportunities for growth and wealth, but all of us are supported to step up our game and to embrace positive transformation at the beginning of May.

Jupiter in Aries:
May 10 – October 28, December 20 – May 16, 2023

Astrology 2022

While half of 2022 bears the healing mark of good-natured Jupiter in dreamy Pisces, a different vibe calls us to action starting from May 10. Jupiter, whose energy expands all it touches, will enter passionate Aries, marking the start of an inner and outer revolution. From now on, we won’t stand for contexts that limit our freedom and we’ll want to take action by becoming more independent. If something has been holding you back until now, the second half of 2022 will make it clearer where you need to show the world exactly who is in charge of your life and your choices.

This is an empowering transit for the people-pleasers among us. Our reactions will be stronger and our gut will lead the way; listening to our instincts (Aries) is our best chance for growth and abundance (Jupiter) at this time. It will be easier to say “no” to the situations that drain us or hold us back, expressing how we feel and taking a leap of faith when it comes to our values and our beliefs. What does authenticity mean to you? This is one of the most powerful questions to ask yourself while Jupiter is in Aries.

Those of us who are in positions of leadership will find it easier to lead the way and to inspire others. As a collective, we’ll be searching for bold, outspoken leaders during this time. We’ll be less patient with slow development and more willing to act with courage so we can move things forward. Initiative is a keyword for this transit: the bold, the reckless, the pioneers among us are supported to bring something new into being, breaking the status quo. Especially those of us with strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn placements will enjoy a year of passion and growth in 2022!

At the same time, all of us have an inner Aries, as shown by our birth chart. This fiery sign reveals what life area will bring growth and success for us in the second part of 2022 if we cultivate an extra dose of courage and dare to take a leap of faith! 

As a downside, the shadow of Aries shows unhealthy expressions of anger and frustration: impulsiveness, egotism, and conflict. People will be more reactive than usual, making displays of anger or aggression more frequent. Jupiter (expansion, amplification) in Aries (instinct) can bring that healthy dose of passion and craziness that can spice up our lives, but it can also make us more prone to acting or reacting without thinking. We can expect conflict to escalate in some areas of the world, while daily life can be more hectic than usual.

It’s important to handle our anger and our wild side with awareness in 2022. This doesn’t mean repressing our annoyances; on the contrary, more than ever, we’re going to need healthy outlets for our feelings, overcoming the idea that anger is inherently bad and seeing it as a constructive life force and a valuable signal that tells us when our boundaries have been overstepped.

 Another challenge can be linked to finishing what we’ve started. The second half of 2022 might grace us with an abundance of new ideas and impulses, but some extra effort might be needed to see a project to its end. If we stay aware of “shiny object syndrome” and monitor our progress, we’re halfway there!

Jupiter will stay in fierce Aries from May 10 to October 28, then return on December 20 and continue his journey until May 16, 2023, when he will move into Taurus.

Uranus conjunct the North Node:
July 31

Astrology 2022

As you can probably tell by now, 2022 will be a year of healing and grounding, but also a year that supports us to make significant changes in our lives, as a continuation of the provocative square between Saturn (tradition, stability) and Uranus (innovation, change) that we’ve been dealing with in 2021. July 31 can be a groundbreaking moment, especially in matters linked to finances, investments, work, and resources.

On a collective level, we can expect a radical change in the economy and in the way we tackle natural resources and global warming. New technologies can be developed, new approaches can be implemented on a large scale, and awareness can be raised, possibly through a major upheaval. Financial instability and changes are likely, but so are powerful insights about how we relate to the material plane (Mother Earth, food, resources). Through this aspect, we can get a clearer glimpse of the changes that await us starting with 2024, when transformative Pluto will enter the innovative sign of Aquarius.

On a personal level, we’ll be feeling restless at the end of July, desperately needing a change, but perhaps doubting our destination. North Node aspects are meant to shift us out of our comfort zones; it won’t be an easy ride, but July and August can bring major shifts in consciousness. The North Node – Uranus conjunction supports us to embrace change and to take that leap of faith, knowing that we can’t solve a problem on the same level of consciousness that created it. Hopefully, we’ll remember this as individuals and as a collective during the whole of 2022.

***Extra tip: Venus and Mars, the planets of love, passion, and relationships, will meet two times in 2022. On February 12, their conjunction in steady Capricorn will raise questions, but will also open new doors linked to stability and commitment in our relationships, supporting us to think for the long term. This is also a great moment for financial planning and investments.
On March 12, the two planets meet in Aquarius, marking a great time for socializing and making it more likely for us to meet that special someone through our friends or our involvement in the community.

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