Six Healing Crystals to Align with the Universe

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Posted on June 04 2019

Universal alignment is often a topic that is underrated. As humans, we are equipped with reason, and freedom envisions and realize what we want. But while such is real, not all things are within our grasp. For instance, the energies around us may linger beyond our control, making it difficult for us to command something like the weather or our lottery luck.  

Such limitation signifies our lack of universal alignment. More often than not, failing to align with the universe is often a source of our struggles. When things are not working out the way we want them to, we need to re-assess our unity with the cosmic energies around us, for such may be the reason why we cannot seem to get things done.

Upon recognizing a gap from within, we realize that we must do something about it. As such, here are six healing crystals to restore our alignment with the universe:


Often signifying the mystical powers of the universe, the moonstone is known to supercharge us with cosmic energy. Like a moon reflecting the rays of the sun on a new level, the moonstone can often help us with the disconnection to the spiritual. When we are too absorbed by the material world, this healing crystal can easily pull us back as it imparts its stabilizing force to our chaotic psyche.

2. Crystal Quartz

Commonly known as the spirit stone, the crystal quartz is famous for bringing clarity for its users. Like a gemstone that absorbs negative energy, this healing crystal can take away our earthly struggles and allow us to focus on the mystical and the universal. Furthermore, the crystal quartz also gained its reputation as it is one of the more popular spirit crystals, dating its popularity back in the ancient Japanese and Egyptian traditions.

3. Agate

With a wide variety of combinations, the agate is seen as a low-frequency crystal that serves as a foundation for inner stability. When we are disconnected from the universe, we need to pay attention to how we can reconnect with it by looking back at ourselves. Meaning, such a problem usually arises when we fail to address that inner stability within us. Thus, this stone is perfect for calming us down and reverting our focus on what truly matters.

4. Tourmaline

This midnight black stone is often revered and avoided by most. When one lacks adequate knowledge about healing crystals, they fail to realize that this is one of the most valuable ones. As a healing crystal, tourmaline is a universal absorber of negative energies. By using this, it will unblock our chakra points which essentially restores our connection with the universe.

5. Lapis Lazuli

This aesthetically pleasing blue stone is more attractive than it looks. Being the stone of truth, Lapis Lazuli will bring you closer to yourself and allow you to identify the barriers from within. When you feel that you lack that honesty when assessing your own life, this healing crystal will make it easier for you to access such.

6. Rose Quartz

Easily part of the top five healing crystals, the Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. If we look at the universe, we will realize that its language lies in love as all life in it signifies goodness. When we feel disconnected from it, sometimes all it takes is a renewal of love, something in which the rose quartz can concretely contribute.

Final Word

These six healing crystals are just good examples of the many out there that can help you align with the universe. As such, the key lies in your understanding of them to put them in proper use. Healing crystals can be utilized as a part of rituals or simply as daily ornaments. As long as you are aware of their functions and meaning, you can easily incorporate them in your daily activities, creating that habit of attracting positive energy. Such will slowly restore your disconnectedness with the universe.


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