Word Of The Week – Ritual Candles

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 22 2019

Are you ready to dive into the world of candle magic? Candles are one of our most favorite tools to work with, and we try to include them in almost all of our rituals. As one of the best manifesting tools, they are the perfect choice for taking a step forward and creating your own damn magic. However, to be successful in your candle magic practices, you first have to choose the right candle for your ritual. Here are the types of candles that you can work with for your rituals, and what rituals they are best suited for:

Taper Candles

Taper candles are one of the thinnest and smallest candles in the candle world. Depending on their various sizes, they burn between 2 and 8 hours. These mini ritual candles are perfect for a shorter ritual, or a ritual that doesn’t have one specific intention, or for enhancement of your intentions ritual.

Shorter rituals are rituals that you are doing daily, and they don’t take too long to finish. It can be something as simple as a mini cleansing ritual when you get back home. Because these candles burn faster than others, they are a perfect choice.

Rituals that don’t have one specific intention can be a little tricky. Let’s say for example you want to attract abundance in your life. However, that’s not a very specific intention. You could be getting abundance through a new job, a raise on your old job, win an unexpected prize or you can achieve abundance in knowledge which is also priceless. To make your ritual more successful, choose a specific number of mini ritual candles to burn that align with your specific goal. For example, number 8 is the number of abundance.

Enhancement of your intention rituals are usually rituals that take a longer time to finish, and the taper candles are used to enhance the intentions of the larger focus candle of the ritual.

Taper candles can also be used to set multiple intentions during a new moon if you have more than one goal for that moon cycle.

Pillar Candles

The most commonly used candles for manifestation and candle magic are pillar candles. Because they are both practical and usually preset with an intention, they are also the easiest ones to use in your candle magic endeavors. Their burn time is between 15-30 hours, and they are the perfect type of candle for larger rituals. To learn more about pillar candles, click here.

Soy Votive Glass Candles

Votive glass candles are smaller candles with a burn time of about 10 hours. Because they are placed in a glass holder, they have a longer burn time, and they give a long clean burn. They are usually scented with a specific mix of essential oils to re-enhance the preset intention in them. Although not all soy votive candles come with a pre-set intention, most of them come with a preset intention printed on their label for easier usage during your rituals.

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