Now that Mercury is Direct...

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on May 04 2017

Hey there fellow stargazers!  Dear little mercury, lord of communication, transportation and electronics, has finally gone direct!  After three plus weeks of re-doing, re-evaluating and re-stating practically everything, we can get back to just getting stuff done!

Here are five things you can check off your list now that Mercury is direct!

  1. Purchase a new phone or make an electronic or large purchase you've been holding out on
  2. Solidify your travel plans; buy plane tickets and confirm hotels
  3. Make up with the sibling you may or may not have misunderstood and maybe said some questionable things to
  4. Sign paperwork including a lease for your new crib or a new work contract
  5. Deal with the repercussions of any mercury retrograde decisions made that you now regret. 

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