New Moon Herbal Bath Rituals You Must Do Tonight!

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Posted on February 04 2019

by Patricia Teixeira

The Aquarius New Moon on the 4th of February is packed with a punch. This Uranian New Moon is pushing us to break boundaries; it is asking us to observe our lives with an objective and detached eye to see what is hindering our progress and our personal growth, and whatever that may be, has to go.

Mars and Pluto are at odds with each other creating this powerful, angry and yet sensible energy which can make things blow out of proportion in an instant. This energy is a bit dangerous because emotions are out of control. It is necessary to slow down and to not react impulsively nor defensively as there may be quite a few things creating friction and rubbing of the wrong way.

On a more positive note, the Moon sits on the midpoint between Saturn and Neptune showing that it is possible to manifest our dreams providing that we are willing to be patient and do the necessary work.

In this time of change, this New Moon brings another cycle with intense energies that are pushing us to move forward. There is a purge going on in the human collective and all that is of old is falling away, so the new can flourish. This means relationships are under review and old wounds and past traumas are coming to the surface to be cleared and healed.

For this New Moon the following rituals are recommended especially if you are looking for an additional tool to help you swim in these agitated times. These four herbal bathes are examples that will indeed support you at this time and they may also be performed whenever you feel like it.

These rituals use dried herbs, however you can also use fresh ones, and for that I advise you to boil the herbs first, allow them to steep and then mix the boiled water with the bath one.

How to Create the Most Magical New Moon Herbal Bath

  1. To begin, pick one of the four Ritual Bath combinations depending on your intentions. Put your herbs aside while you get the space ready.

  2. Light up a white candle and an incense of your preference. We recommend this Love Candle if you are working to pull more self love into your life or this Intuition Candle if you are hoping to connect more deeply with your higher self for answers.

  3. Now, mix the herbs you chose in a small organza bag (or create one by tying up a cheesecloth); all herb quantities are estimated equal parts of each ingredient. As you a mixing and preparing the herbs, this is the perfect time to think more deeply about the intention you wish to set. Once the herbs are mixed and you are solid in your intention, enter the bath.

  4. Bathe as usual.

  5. Afterwards, rinse the bathtub and fill it up again. Make sure there is no soap or foam residues and then drop the bag with the herbs in the water. This is a great time to add in some essential oils and/or crystals to add a little more intensity to your bath. We recommend adding a bit of Moonstone or even Amethyst.

  6. Lay down and relax for 15 minutes. Take some time to meditate and focus in on your intention.

  7. Imagine a white light entering through the crown of your head and exiting through the bottom of your feet, cleansing and releasing all blocks and negativity from your body.

  8. Next, give gratitude to the universe for fulfilling your intention.

  9. When you are finished, leave the tub and allow your body to air dry.

  10. Finish by rinsing the bathtub as normal and dispose of the herbs in your house trash.  

***Update! If you don’t have a bathtub, do not despair! You can follow these same instructions but instead of soaking in the tub, you can take a bowl, fill it with water and add in your herbs and salt. Let it dissolve a bit while you shower. When you are all fresh and clean, say your intention then rinse with your herbal salt water mix. :) That should do the trick!

Let this February New Moon remind you of the things that still need to be cleansed and healed, emphasizing the importance of self care and self love. Be your own Valentine and spoil, pamper and take care of yourself and your soul. And what better way to do that than to take a wonderful magical bath? Enjoy!!

Patrícia Teixeira is a writer, author and astrologer from Oporto, Portugal. Astrology has been part of her life for 17 years and counting as she started studying it in her teens. Lover of art, sun, cats, broccoli and peas, she is a Leo who is now busy drafting her first fiction book while giving Astrology consultations.

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