Word Of The Week – The Moon: Ruler of Cancer

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 14 2020

We have finally entered Cancer season, full of new opportunities to create our own damn magic! The only question now is, what does Cancer bring, and in which fields of your life is the right time to create magic and manifest? To answer that, we have to learn more about Cancer, and what type of energy is driving Cancer forward. Usually, each sign is being pushed forward by the planet that governs that zodiac sign, in Cancer’s case, that’s the mysterious, delicate Moon!

We’re sure that the very mention of the Moon being a planet might be a strange concept for you. However although in science the Moon is a natural satellite, in astrology the Moon represents a planet that based on the position in which it was placed during your birth governs an aspect of yourself, that is revealed and described in your natal chart. During your life, the Moon also goes through different phases each month which also change the vibes around and within you, creating periods which you can use for creating your own damn magic. But, what does the Moon really govern? Let’s start from Cancer first:

Cancer is represented by the symbol of the crab which represents self-preservation – both physical and spiritual. Cancer is known as a sign that is highly sensitive and intuitive of their environment, which is why they often have to shut themselves off from time to time and tune out their hypersensitivity.

And right now, with the current situation – everyone’s inner self is a little shaky, and we might need to tune out of swiping issues under the rug and instead tune in to opening ourselves up fully and dealing with them head-on. The gentle energy of Cancer comes mostly from the planet that rules Cancer – the Moon. In astrology, the Moon is a planet, and it’s the planet that represents your emotional makeup, how you nurture yourself, your relationship with your feminine energy, and your needs. It flows with steady, gentle, nourishing energy.

The Moon is the planet that provides Cancer with sensitive, flowing, steady vibe and a hypersensitivity to the flow of energy around them.

In mythology, the Moon is known as a goddess that changes its roles – from a maiden to a mother through the various phases  it passes through. The Moon in astrology is the epitome of the divine feminine within you, how you process emotions, how you receive energy from the Universe and the inner connections to your intuition and higher self.

When we talk about feminine energy what we mean is not that the feminine energy is somehow connected to gender – it’s just what the left side energy of your body is called.

If you struggle with this notion, just think about it like this – the chakras don’t have a gender, they are just energy centers, right? The same applies to feminine energy!

The feminine energy within you is guided by the Moon and intuition. This energy is all about receiving & reflecting on what was received, it’s about awakening your inner self, and enhancing your intuition. It’s about opening yourself up to receive anything the Universe sends your way, and then transform it into beauty and magic.

Often the moon is described as mysterious, because one side of her is always hidden – much like a huge part of your existence as a being is hidden in the unconscious realms of your mind. The moon governs your unconscious side, and how your past affects your present life as well. As we mentioned before depending on the position the Moon was during your birth, and the astrology house in which it was, it can have different influences on you as a person over your whole life and in periods where Moon energy is especially powerful, like now, during Cancer Season.

To learn more about what expects you during this period, check out your weekly and monthly horoscope, and if you want to learn more about the influence of every planet has over you check your natal chart.

Tune in to our blog to create magic during Cancer Season! We have A LOT to share with you!



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