Moon Phases: Waxing Moon (First Quarter) - Walking your Talk

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 03 2018

The moon shines over all of us, with it's beautiful and powerful energy. Each moon phase holds power beyond your imagination. Each energy signature of each moon phase is different which means that each moon phase is perfect for different phases of your personal growth. Last week we spoke about the New Moon, and how great it is for starting something new in your life. Today we will speak of the First Quarter or as you might know it - the Waxing Moon. Once you set your intentions, it's time to take that first step!

One week after the New Moon, it’s the perfect time to act upon the intentions that you’ve set. The Moon is now moving away from the Sun and receiving more and more light: you’re increasingly energized to put our ideas into practice. Creativity, spontaneity and a burst of ideas are coming your way right after the New Moon. A brainstorm will overtake you, and you will get countless ideas. One by one, even the smallest ideas, and choices will slowly but surely bring you closer to achieving your dreams. The process that began one week before with the new moon is now progressing and you might get a strong feeling that things are moving forward. Direct action is the name of the game in this phase! Don't waste this precious time! Even the smallest step can kickstart a chain of reactions, that can change your whole life completely! It’s a great time for investing in an idea or project that we’ve only been flirting with until now.



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