Magical Motivation through Positive Vibes

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 25 2018

With today’s way of life, communication has gotten pretty easy. You can contact anyone almost instantly. Just think about it: Messenger, Instagram, Hangouts and many more apps just to help us communicate better. Now, think about how you are using these methods of communication. Are they well used? Or are you using them not so wisely? It seems that lately, people use these ways of communication to “vent”. 

Let’s say you had a bad day and you tell your friends about it. But think about it, not all days can be good. And even the ones that are good, in each day there might be something bad in it. And in each bad day, there is something good. And if you focus on the bad, only more bad will come. And that is no way to awake your own damn magic. 

The day was bad, and the day passed. This is critical for you to understand – only you have the power in your life and what you give power to, will always have power over you! So, by repeating the bad things so many times, you are actually shifting your whole perspective after a while. Your complaints are filled with low vibes that will attract more of the same. Instead, you could help yourself and focus on the positive things in your life. Let’s say you are clumsy and you feel a little insecure about it. But there is always something good that will come out of it. You trip, and it is embarrassing and people will laugh. But you don’t know those people. Perhaps, some of them haven’t smiled genuinely at anything for a while. Maybe that little incident brought a little positive vibe to someone’s life. There is good wherever you turn, you just have to learn how to see it. 

Smile more, love more, be happy about every little thing in life and cherish it. Because even eternities are made of moments. The magic will flow through you along with the positive vibes. So no more slacking off, get out and kick ass today! Even if you trip, slip or spill your coffee don't complain, smile and find the good in it!

Smile and awake your own damn magic!



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