The Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 20 2020

The Lunar Nodes are the two points in which the Moon’s orbit meets the ecliptic. While the South Node concentrates our karma, our past, our habits, the North Node points towards a direction for the future. The Moon’s nodes are points of fate that guide our collective cosmic journey, building a bridge between has been and what comes next. 

From November 2018 until May 2020, the Moon’s Nodes have been transiting stability-seeking Cancer and Capricorn, purifying outdated rules and structures (Capricorn) to make way for a less rigid, more receptive, and emotion-oriented approach (Cancer). We can see how the coronavirus pandemic at the end of this transit brings massive challenges to our public institutions and corporations (ruled by Capricorn), while the North Node in Cancer is the guiding star that points towards home, safety, emotion, and introspection.

Now, in the middle of the storm, our guiding star is changing her light, giving us a new direction as we integrate past lessons. On the 5th of May, the South Node will shift into freedom-loving Sagittarius as the North Node moves into curious Gemini. What soul mission does this shift reveal for us as a collective until January 2022?

Knowledge And Falsehood

Gemini and Sagittarius make up the zodiac axis of knowledge; they’re involved in anything related to thinking, information, and communication. In the following two years, the focus will be on intelligence, speed, and mental ability.

Many of us will read more than before, while others will resume their studies, take up writing, learn a new skill, or start new businesses in tech or commerce. We will want to do more and to know more during these years. 

While quality information will be more readily available, false news or conspiracy theories could reach a peak as well. During the North Node’s last transit through Gemini, 9/11 (Gemini is the sign of the twins, by the way) was followed by a chain of conspiracy theories.

The danger of this transit is to get too lost in the stream of constant information being fed to us by media or by our self-devouring minds. Let’s stay well-informed, turn off the news from time to time, and take a few minutes every day for mindful breathing (Gemini rules the lungs) as we gain more mastery over our minds. 

Connection And Disconnection

With the North Node in Gemini, we’ll be meeting lots of new people, making friends, and spending time in different social circles. We will feel the need to share more, to laugh together, and to group up for the sake of connecting and having fun.

We’ll want things to be easy, without too many heavy emotions involved, so relationships could become more flexible as well during the following years. 

Some of us could also tend to intellectualize too much, to feel that our opinions are superior to others, to run from our emotions, or to pretend we’re somebody else just for the sake of fitting in.

During the next years, let’s remember our values and connect to others from a place of authenticity, mind, and heart both involved.

Adaptability And Purpose

Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable, adaptable signs, so during the next years, many of us will learn new skills to adapt to the constant changes in the market. Intelligence will be measured by our ability to keep up with what the environment requires from us.

Many of us will quit the idea that life should have a simple, linear direction and purpose and will learn to “swerve” instead, dividing our time between more activities and exploring to find what we like best.

While being changeable is a forte during these next years, some of us could easily become too scattered or lose our direction. It’s important to keep a sense of purpose; let’s not settle for anything on the menu, but try to stay connected to our beliefs and ideals as we explore. This brings us to the next point…

Faith And Evidence

During the next years, we will have tests of faith and we could see transformations in organized religion.

For many of us, simply believing or wishful thinking won’t be enough anymore; we’re going to need details, empirical evidence, logical steps to our thought process. “Think positive, everything will be alright” will turn into “What are the pros and cons of this situation?” as we’re encouraged to see a problem from multiple perspectives and to question the information received from gurus or spiritual figures, researching it and filtering it to see if it resonates with our own beliefs.

It will also be a time when prejudice of all kinds is slowly replaced by open-mindedness and curiosity. 

On the downside, spiritual, religious, or political authorities could hang on tight to their old precepts and teachings, refusing to adapt to a more open-minded world. We could see extremes of belief as people hang on to their old opinions, towering over others to gain a false sense of superiority, or abandon themselves to a “higher truth” that doesn’t manifest positively in their day-to-day reality. Let’s move forward with a healthy dose of skepticism during this transit, staying curious, open-minded, and searching for ideals and practices that promote tolerance and flexibility.

Movement And Stillness

We will see a lot of technological advances in the following years, especially as the two social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, meet in innovative Aquarius at the end of 2020.

Speed will be a key-word when it comes to tech and communications, but we will also see improvements in short-distance and long-distance travel. At the same time, since the North Node is in Gemini, the sign that rules our close environment, we’re encouraged not only to aim for expanding our horizon but to seek beauty in our own neighborhood, town, country, in the usual movement of everyday life.

We could be tempted to lose sight of what’s essential as we focus on staying active and constantly keeping in touch, be it in real life or through the screen. The Gemini North Node wants us to find out new things, but to filter the information; to think, but to think critically; to communicate, but to find silence when silence is needed. Let’s stay mindful of our ever-expanding mind during the following years, aware of how the things that grow are those that have our attention.

In a nutshell, this nodal axis shift is about leaving behind prejudice, attachment to outdated beliefs and ideals, unrealistic thinking and self-righteousness, and opening up to new information and multiple perspectives as we learn to multitask, to adapt with more ease and to think critically. In the following years, we’re prompted to let go of always wanting “more” and to find beauty and meaning in the ordinary world instead, staying curious about what is happening around us. Let’s embark on this soul journey together!

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