Love or Fear? It's Your Choice.

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on November 17 2016

There is a lot happening in the world right now.  A very long, dramatic election has closed. Some folks are not happy with the results, others are content.  I'll be honest, I felt sad inside when I found out the results.  I felt like my vote didn't count again, as both my picks in the primary and main election lost.  Then I talked to one my spiritual, hippie friends and he said the most magical thing.

"We really need to get out of our minds and let life unfold the way it wants to. No one is in charge, we're all living out the patterns of our time being passengers on the ship. Separate yourself from the fray and be productive for yourself and purpose. It's all gonna be alright at some point for us to feel better." 

These simple words snapped me right out of my funk, reminding me that the next president or any president for that matter, has no say on if I fulfill my higher purpose in life. That is my choice, and mine alone. I had to move out of that sad place and move into a place of acceptance.  I needed to re-focus on my higher purpose, what I want to contribute to this world and contribute it.  

I know that some folks will look at me and say that sounds flipping insane. They will tell me I need to take my rose colored glasses off, and get over the hippie, free love stuff.  They will judge me, say that I don't understand the big picture.  Tell me I should be more invested in the results of this election. Explain that so many people are in fear over their lives. That I should go protest and march because the world is going to fall apart.  That I should be angry. That I should be scared.

The thing is, as I look around the world (through social media and the news), I keep seeing two big trends.  Actually I will go as far as saying, sometimes it appears there are literally two opposing worlds fighting for my attention. In one world, I see people getting meaner, more hateful, more violent, more fearful, crazier and just straight up distracting from some legit world issues (crap food, overpriced medicine, declining middle class, climate change, war, hunger, lack of water, etc).  In the other world, I see some folks really focused on becoming more conscious, aware, peaceful and love filled; despite the state of the world. I see them pushing themselves to learn about the big picture (and their purpose) and then making personal (sometimes private) decisions to live their lives in a more sustainable, conscious and aware way.  Making personal choices to live cleanly, limit their footprints, buy locally, go after their passions. I see them proactively living their own lives more in alignment with love.  

I had to chose.  Did I want to run around venting on social media, pissed off that a giant, dumb dumb is president?  Did I want to spend time fighting with people, judging them for their decisions, labeling them. Do I want stay in a place of fear?  OR, did I want to push myself to be conscious, compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental and accepting of the journey of others.  Did I want to make decisions in my life that are filled with love and hope, encouraging others to do the same?  What did I want to focus on?  I choose love. 

On a surface level, this might seem small or even self absorbed/focused.  But when you take a step back, you realize that when this is done in great numbers, it can really influence the world.  Imagine if we lived in a world where everyone just stopped buying rubbish food (bad meat, gmo veggies), only used sustainable power resources, conserved water, gave back to causes they really believed in, became more active in local government, meditated and focused on healing the planet, only pursed career paths that was in alignment with a higher purpose, etc. Do you honestly believe we would be where we are now?  

We spend so much time fighting and arguing with each other, remaining divided as people.  For all of human history, we keep splitting up and fighting each other over such silly things: race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, class, political affiliation.  Guys, we are all humans and us not focusing on what's good for all humans is not helping us.  Wake up!  We have bigger issues to deal with!  Please stop with the arguing on social media, and start making better day to day decisions.  Start spreading love and hope.  Start changing how you spend your time and your money.  

We all make a ton of little decisions every single day.  They all add up to where we are personally and collectively in the present moment.  I've decided that I will align all of my decisions going forward with love.  That is the world I want to live in.  One filled with compassion, understanding,    I hope you do too.

Loads of Light & Magic,




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